Stevie’s Sunnies

Steve Nash’s Suns are 6-4. He doesn’t think they will make the playoffs but that isn’t stopping him from beating the Lakers and Nuggets. That is NO SmALL feat beating my KoBE. While speaking bout the LaKeRs slamdunkcentral is slamming my BoY Ron Artest. Slamdunk WTF?!?! Artest is the reason the Lakers won game seven and you know it. Heck, they even said that in the piece. When time comes to step it up to the next level Artest will be there. Just like Randy Moss. But alas I digressed…let’s  get back to the Suns.

The Suns have lost Robin Lopez to a knee sprain for a few weeks. Even with that loss the Suns will continue to win. Shaq and Amare have left and Nash is still finding a way to win. When you look at the Suns roster it is almost laughable- Jason “the gunner” Richardson, Grant “the Ancient” Hill, Hakim Warrick, Hedo “Toronto hating” Turkoglu, and Robin “wounded” Lopez.  The only thang saving this roster is the fact that Richardson has found some “ups” which Nash is exploiting.

I give it to the aging wonder Steve Nash. He might be divorcing his wife the millisecond after she gave birth but towns like Sacramento envy his skillset.

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