Sonics End Skid, Beat the Spurs?

Tonight turned out to be a nightmare for the ailing San Antonio Spurs. Earlier in the day, coach Greg Popovich decided to bench his All-Star point guard Tony Parker indefinitely while he deals with bone spurs in his left foot. Then the team found its way up I-5 to Seattle to take on a team that had not won in 14 straight games. Well that streak came to an end tonight!

The Seattle Supersonics found a way to win tonight against the reigning NBA Champs. Kevin Durant had his first solid game in quite some time including a late basket to seal the deal for his young Sonics. Seattle desperately needed a win like this to try and salvage some of their season.

The Spurs on the other hand are looking bad in all the wrong places. Parker takes a seat for what could be weeks to come leaving the Spurs with an aging Duncan and a busted up Ginobili. Without one of the big 3 this season the Spurs are just 9-9 and have looked horrible at times.

San Antonio began its season at 17-3 and has gone just 11-13 since. The Spurs are 0-2 at the beginning of their annual 9 game road trip in which the AT&T Center gets overrun with stock and rodeo festivities. This could prove to be the turning point in their season and should be the indicator as to what seed they will find come playoff time.

Are we seeing an end to the Spurs run? Are they aging too fast while the rest of the NBA continues to get younger?

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