So I Went to Steve & Barry’s…Holy Starbury!

So I went to Steve & Barry’s today for the first time ever. You see we don’t have Steve & Barry’s in Oregon and just opened one across the Columbia River from us in Vancouver, WA. Now I’m well aware of the store and also aware that Stephon Marbury sells his inexpensive line of basketball shoes known as Starbury here.

Well today, the significant other decides she wants to go shopping at this store because they sell a line of clothing by the Sex and the City most irritating woman on the planet, Sarah Jessica Parker. At first I was a little un-interested in this idea until I realized I could experience Starbury for the first time! Off we went!

We make our little way up I-5 and off onto a couple of interesting side roads in the hole that is Vancouver until we reach our destination. I breath a little, and prepare myself for a Sunday strip mall experience. Fortunately, it decided not to rain today and of course with this being the case, we find a parking spot right up front. And so we enter, Steve & Barry’s! You can tell the store is brand new because the strip mall it is located in is completely empty on a Sunday, yet the parking lot in front of S&B’s is full.

As I walk in the front door, I decide this looks just like an Old Navy store, but a little less peppy and neon (being peppy & neon sucks). So my other half runs off to frolic in girl land and I head off to Starbury land! I didn’t have to walk far, the Starbury collection pretty much takes up half of the entire men’s section in this store. If you are not familiar with the collection, please head here.

I browse the store analyzing all of this Starbury stuff and decide this is a pretty damn good deal! Steph actually has everything you could need as an aspiring young basketball player. He’s got game shoes, casual shoes, ballin’ clothes, not-ballin’ clothes and this can all be found exclusively in this one store. It is actually a pretty brilliant idea and he even managed to get Ben Wallace on board.

So today, everything in the store was exactly $8.98 and not a penny more. You could buy shoes, clothes, jerseys, jackets and even dress wear for this unbelievable price! But besides the prices, the one thing that I definitely noticed was Mr. Marbury. His face is plastered EVERYWHERE: on plasma’s, on t-shirts, and on posters. It was probably a tad bit more Steph than I could have actually needed on any day during my 26 years on Earth, but it definitely got the point across.

The shoes aren’t bad if you were into that whole Dada shiny metallic shoe thing and the clothing line could work if you can pull of that fresh young baller look (I cannot). As I finish browsing the store and decide not to buy anything I have decided this Starbury thing is a winner. As crazy as its creator is, the idea of bringing style and sport to a ridiculously affordable level for “the kids” can never be a bad thing. As many women as Steph has degraded and the number of times he’s had sexual relations in a limousine with his cousin’s girlfriend can be pushed a side for a moment. He has actually done something right here. Congrats Steph.

This was not exactly the way I wanted to spend half of my Sunday especially with all this basketball on, but sometimes the girl needs to get her way. And it also allowed me to see a positive idea directed at the youth of our country and that will always make my day.

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  1. I went to Steve & Barry’s to pick up some new Big Ben Wallace basketball shoes in Black and Red. Unfortunately, they told me that they were out of stock. I was pretty disappointed that they did not have adequate stock of the shoes.


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