Sloan and Collins? The Commonality

Slow NBA news days suck donkey ball. So I’m going to open up a debate. Jerry Sloan signed a one year contract to come back next year. The irony? He signed it back in early January and it was just revealed last night. Why? Because at this point in Sloan’s career he knows only one thing guarantees his job. Winning. Contracts don’t excite him. As I wrote previously he is a great.  His Jazz are 31-22 and will do some damage in the playoffs. The Jazz are 7th in the NBA in attendance averaging 19,474. Heck, they average 500 more people a game then my beloved Lakers.

The same can be said for Doug Collins. I was VERY critical of his hiring this past offseason. However, Collins has shown me something. Instead of tanking it he decided to win. He knows the team ain’t great. Instead of going for that #1 draft pick he took what he had and now the Sixers stand at a respectable 23-27. The Sixers have a good chance at making the playoffs. Charles Barkley thinks this is a mistake. That the franchise should do a Cavaliers and pack it in. I disagree. Philly is one hell of a sports town and they deserve at least some excitement. Philly is a realistic town. They understand the Sixers aren’t good. They also support their franchise. The attendance may not be there with an average of 14,179. However, can you imagine if they were as bad as Cleveland? With the way this franchise was mismanaged I’m shocked they still pull 14k for a game. Philly fans are loyal.

So here is the debate. Can Doug Collins pull a Jerry Sloan? Can he preach solid defense and pull this Sixers franchise out of the NBA dungeons? Can he keep winning year after year even after losing a great player like Carlos Boozer? We will see soon enough because I have no doubt that Andre Iguodala will be gone by the trade deadline. Will Doug Collins be the next great? Philly may not be sure but I am. Soon talking about a Sixers-Lakers rivarly won’t be so 2001.

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