Should we feel bad for Baron Davis?

Baron Davis’ return home may be a sign that retirement is on the horizon and now I feel bad for Fear the Beard.  The guy packs up from Golden State (a program that can actually win) and heads to the dump of the NBA while chasing those damn dollars.  And who knows, he could have actually thought Brand would be returning to help him out and possibly restore or resurrect or…is there a word for “sucking forever” and finally being good? Maybe he really took this deal because he thought they had a chance next year!
He definitely took this deal knowing that Maggette was on the “outs” and that Brand supposedly had made workings to free up space to bring in help.  Well that came out to be just another NBA lie with Elton heading his movie making behind to the east coast to the league of “a couple of acquisitions can win you a championship!”  (Look out for the Sixers!)  Now Davis is stuck, as I mentioned before, in the “dump” of the NBA with the worst supporting cast of his career.
LA isn’t a bad place to end a pretty decent career though, right?  He may not be a hall of famer and may never reach an NBA Finals or win an MVP, but at least we’ve seen some lovely dunks, clutch performances, and the most magnificent beard of all time from the guy. (I’m almost surprised this guy never tore down a basketball goal.)  So do I feel bad for B-Diddy?  Not really.  I’m sure he already knew that Brand would be heading out and that this was just the last step to wind up back in his home town of Los Angeles.
At least now he’s in LA and can focus all of his off court efforts on that booming movie business of his!

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  1. I don’t want to imagine that Baron Davis’ is planning to get retirement.


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