Shaq traded to Phoenix!

Shaquille O’Neal will hop on a plane Wednesday and head to Phoenix, AZ to undergo an MRI on his ailing hip. If he passes the tests, the trade will be completed sending Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to Miami.

The trade represents a dramatic change for the Suns, whose run-and-gun, small-ball style had revolutionized the league in recent seasons. That same style, however, had failed to bring the Suns a championship, and team officials had become increasingly skeptical about their chances of contending without giving Amare Stoudemire some help on the front line.

Will this change the way the Suns get up and down the court? Were they scared of the recent Lakers trade for Gasol and the Spurs pickup of Damon Stoudamire? I’m not sure this trade makes complete sense, but the Suns needed to do something.

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