Scottie Brooks Got Big Balls and Lebasketbawl Eats Doo Doo – OKC Wins

James Harden pulled down 7 boards and 21 points. Maynard had 13 points. Both were sparks off the OKC Bench. Coach Brooks went hard and long with his bench during the fourth. For the majority of the 4th it was Durant and the Bench. Coach Brooks gave it to lebasketbawl. I predicted a Dallas victory and his coaching made me rub my face in doggie doo-doo.


 However, Barea dropped three treys and found a way to drop 11 points and 4 assists. For sure I thought fellow little man Scottie Brooks would find a way to contain Barea.

OKC did double team Nowitzki and that did hobble him a bit. He did break out and give 10 points in the 4th. His game was respectable dropping 29 points and 5 assists. JT was off this evening only kicking in 8 points. JT had a real tough time guarding James Harden. Lets hope he gets it together for game 3.

The play of the game was a kick ass slam by Durant over Haywood. It was straight up embarrassing for Haywood. The Jackasses over at ESPN said it was the dunk of the year. Doubtful, very doubtful. Feel free to look for yourself. The dunk was in the first half.

The OKC Thunder found a way to win the game. They shot 56% from the field– that is sick! The series is now tied 1-1. They accomplished this while benching Westbrook for the entire 4th quarter – impressive, very impressive. I tip my hat to OKC! That was a balls out move by Scottie Brooks to bench Westbrook. I wouldn’t have had balls that big!

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