Saturday Review: Pay Per Post

You probably noticed the “Saturday Review” I just ran for the iPhone and MacBook protective coverings? Well this will be a new type of post you’ll come to see on weekends here at Le Basketbawl. Saturday and Sunday during the off season will most likely be lacking basketball chatter, so we thought it was a great time to use our newest service, Pay Per Post.

Pay Per Post is a site that gives you an opportunity to earn some money from all the hard work that you’ve put into your blog. The service is free to sign up for but may not allow you to actually make any money at it until your blog is established and has a solid PageRank. Luckily for us, we put in enough work to have Google grant us a PR of 5 which also allows us to take on most of the opportunities at Pay Per Post.

We may not be in the blog marketing business on this blog, but we have done a ton of work in this field on other blogs. Pay Per Post offers you all kinds of offers to take on or decline and you may even find some that are sports related. We’ll try to keep our reviews to products or services that we believe in or would actually use. Like I said, the beauty of Pay Per Post is the power to choose which reviews you would like to take on.

And who doesn’t like to earn a little cash on the side? Isn’t that one of the reasons we all keep doing this blogging thing? I’ve seen posts that pay over $150 while the majority are around the $20-25 range.

Thanks for your time!


  1. I keep thinking about doing this and then I chicken out. So afraid of alienating readers who may feel used and abused knowing I will be getting paid to post.

    Talk to me! Have you had any feedback from readers?

  2. well this would be the first day and i only plan on doing this on weekends. during the week will be all NBA all the time, but on weekends when the blog gets less readers, i’m going to try mixing this stuff in.

    if people completely hate it, i’ll quit it!

  3. gonna try this out as well. thanks for the heads up!


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