Roy Roy is NO 40 MIN MAN!

Most men wish they could go forty minutes! Not, Brandon Roy. He has “too many injuries” and needs to limit his time on the court. What happened to leaving it all on the court? Allen Iverson had a “hall of fame” career and he never practiced….BUT he played 40+ minutes a night and NEVER wanted to come out of the game! Why doesn’t Brandon practice a bit less and cut some corners OFF the court.

I can’t believe that Roy is telling the Portland media that he has to “limit” his minutes! Chuck where are you to call him out? Just because he is a polished smooth talking non TATTOOed up athlete doesn’t mean he should be let off the hook! It’s RIDONKULOUS!

Blazersedge  is reporting that Roy is going to have to adjust his game?!?!? He is going to become a ground player (aka Jump-Shot Mania). This is a bleeping riot – Brandon is only 28 years old. Alas, his “multiple” knee surgeries are catching up to him.

Does he really believe that playing less is going to extend his career? I think not… Brandon you have to man up! You are paid 13 million this year. You are the go to guy on this team. What kind of work ethic are you portraying? Bring it don’t pussy out to extend your career. Give it your all like Iverson. What’s the worst that happens? You end up making 2 million a year playing over in Turkey. My point Brandon? You will get paid to play somewhere. Your window in the Association may close…. it may not—you NEVER know! Go out and play each game like it’s your last. You owe it to the city of Portland! Your “current” explanations are vomiteous and embarrassing to the NBA.


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