Rockets Streak Hits 20: McGrady for MVP?

“It’s unbelievable – 20 in a row, especially at this level,” McGrady said. “I really couldn’t explain it.”

“For me, to be on this team and winning 20 straight, it’s going to be up there (in career achievements. There are many great things I’ve accomplished in this league. This is pretty special.”

When do we start to consider this guy in the MVP race? Of course it will never happen with the Kobe lovefest we’ve seen over the last week! Don’t you really have to start thinking about McGrady as a legitimate candidate though?

Yao goes down in late February and everyone had this team’s train coming to an abrupt halt long ago. Well in the month of March, McGrady has averaged almost 28 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists per game to help take this team into uncharted territory. Those are Kobe and LeBron numbers right there aren’t they?

You can also make the argument that McGrady plays in a tougher division that Kobe and LeBron and has still carried his team into to this winning streak.

He also lost his running mate! Kobe has really been getting the MVP credit as of late with the addition of Gasol and the Lakers’ instant success, but what about Tracy? Shouldn’t he be getting more credit with the loss of his partner, Yao Ming?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s about time Kobe wins this award. He is acknowledged as the greatest basketball player on the planet over the last 5-6 years and to not give him an MVP is ludicrous. But please, start giving Tracy McGrady some love!

And a side note to all of this: What about Adelman as coach of the year?


  1. concur with adelman for coach of the year

    07-08 houston rockets = 07 colorado rockies?

  2. tsar: could be! would be nice for T-mac to get out of the first round for once…we’ll see.


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