Return of SLAMBALL


Slamball, which was televised on Spike TV for two seasons in 2002-03, is touted as the “first action team sport.” A full-contact competition pitting two teams against each other on a court that features four trampolines and basketball-style nets is what you can expect. Former Philadelphia 76ers president Pat Croce will serve as the league’s commissioner, with athletes and coaches being trained at Florida-based IMG Academies starting in April. The plan is to feature 64 players and 16 coaches playing in a single-venue season starting in June, with eight franchises playing in U.S. cities next year.

With IMG backing the league and Croce as the main man, can we expect it to stick around a bit longer?

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  1. Starting Friday March Seventh Mob coach Brenden Kirsch will be doing a blog featured on The Beardown [] In the coming weeks follow Coach Kirsch’s journal updates and interviews with players coaches, and possibly game creator Mason Gordon and part owner Pat Croce. Only on The Beardown


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