Reasons! A Quick Look at NBA Playoff Stats


How about a quick look at some stats from the NBA Playoffs? Here is a list of 5 box score stats for each series through 2 games that stand out as to reasons why every team is up 2-0. (With a little side commentary to go along with them, of course.)

Suns vs. Spurs: Spurs lead 2-0

  • Grant Hill scores 5 points in 2 games with Finley or Parker guarding him? Huh?
  • Leandro Barbosa scores 0 points in game 2. Weren’t you the sixth man of the year last year? Ginobili sure as hell isn’t flopping come playoff time is he?
  • Shaq, 11 points 5 boards in game 2? Oof.
  • Tony Parker plays 91 minutes in 2 games and thanks himself for taking half the season off.
  • Amare goes for 66 points in 2 games. Obviously the Spurs know he can’t beat them by himself and are game-planning this.

Mavericks vs. Hornets: Hornets lead 2-0

  • Brandon Bass scores 19 in game 2. When Brandon Bass is your second leading scorer, you won’t win much.
  • Jason Kidd averages: 9 pts, 6.5 rebounds, 8.5 assists, 2 steals, 2.5 turnovers.
  • Chris Paul averages: 33.5 pts, 4 rebounds, 13.5 assists, 3.5 steals, 2 turnovers.
  • Chris Paul
  • And…Chris Paul

Raptors vs. Magic: Magic lead 2-0

  • Bargnani totals 14 points and 4 rebounds in 2 games. Buuuuuuust! Wasn’t he on my White Boy Bust list?
  • Dwight Howard with 8 blocks, Raptors team with 2. Can you say “presence”?
  • J.J. Redick with 0’s across the board. This being a reason the Magic are up 2-0.
  • Rashard “Overpaid” Lewis goes 0-9 on 3’s in game 1. That’s OK, Dwight Howard grabbed 7 of them for dunks.
  • TJ Ford totals 46 minutes in 2 games. Raptors fans must be wondering at this point if he will ever reach full potential and how good this team could have been with him.

Jazz vs. Rockets: Jazz lead 2-0

  • Kirilenko with 21 points, 4 boards, 3 dimes and no TO’s game 1.
  • Wow this series is boring and nothing else stands out. Is anyone watching this series?
  • Next…

Wizards vs. Cavs

  • Butler, Jamison and Arenas combine for 28 points in game 2. LeBron had 30.
  • LeBron’s averages: 31 points, 7.5 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 blocks, 1 turnover. Such an overrated King isn’t he D?
  • Boobie, Wally and Ilgauskas combined averages: 42.5 points, 13.5 rebounds, 8 assists.
  • Butler, Agent Zero, and Jamison combined averages: 44.5 points, 21.5 rebounds, 9 assists.
  • I just compared 3 All-Stars to 3 role players and their stats are almost identical?


  1. most important stat for Jazz/Rockets: McGrady 0-7, 1 total point in 2 games in the 4th Q

  2. Agreed. It’s just been a little tough to watch that series 🙂

  3. Actually, about TJ Ford, all the Toronto fans are wondering how good the team is without him, as in him on the bench and Calderon playing :))
    Oh and “Tony Parker plays 91 minutes in 2 games and thanks himself for taking half the season off.” LOL


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