Ray Allen says "Hello Finals MVP!"

Not only can Ray Allen claim the honor that comes with placing on our pretty boy list, but he’ll soon be able to call himself the NBA Finals MVP. What the hell would the Celtics do without Ray Ray? Did anyone actually see that reverse baseline lay-up last night in the clutch? That biz was Dr. J’ish and I’m still not sure how he hung long enough to skip that off the backboard. (Time to go see if Odenized posted this clip…)

And then he waves off KG with the game on the line to take Lakers Dancer, Sasha Headbandcich to the hole with a simple stutter step and a left handed kiss. Is it really possible to beat a guy in the NBA Finals by 3 full steps when you start your move at the free throw line? Jesus can!

There is one thing that annoyed me about last night though, and that was the obvious infatuation ESPN has with Paul Pierce. Ray Allen was clearly the hero last night and instead of Tafoya talking to him, they went straight to Pierce at the end of the game. How many un-earned interviews can a guy do in one series? He hit a couple of free throws down the stretch and did some nice cheering and arm pumping every time Posey or Allen was finishing off LA, but that was it. My life would be just fine if I never had to see his shabby pre-pubescent beard again in HD. I know beards were big this year, but wow….give KG and Paul Pierce the award for worst duo beards.

They’ll probably hand Pierce the MVP just because he’s been Mr. Celtic for so long, when Allen has been the best player on the court the entire series. Show some love to my boy Ray Allen!


  1. It’s about time Ray, the best player in UCONN history, gets a championship. Second fiddle to Rip Hamilton no more!

  2. Umm, not so fast. It is pretty clear you have some sort of bias against Pierce and a man crush on Ray Allen. Allen is having a great series (finally). But, what Pierce did defensively is at the least worth noting if you are going to give some sort of critique of his play. Pierce is doing it on both ends of the court right now and his numbers actually aren’t that far off from Allen’s if you look.

    I love Ray Allen he has been the guy I tried to model my game after for a long time and if he won the award I would be very happy. But the Pierce bashing is unwarranted and shows a lot of bias in your writing.

  3. You are so right about this one. Ray deserves it more than paul. no doubt. but we all know it will go to paul. Atleast you see the light though.

  4. Settle down Dannie. I’m actually a Paul Pierce fan and huge Jayhawk fan.

    I’m just a little sick of ESPN’s love affair with Pierce after his BS knee/wheelchair antics. We all know the guy is great, but he’s not the best player on his team in this series.

    It’s not debatable.

  5. Ray was definitely big… but Pierce was just as big in this game. That spin move and insane shot for the 3 point play brought the C’s within 9 points in the 3rd quarter. He went toe to toe with Kobe Bryant defensively in the second half.. and that block led to Ray Allen free throws. And that step-back shot in the 4th to answer right back on Kobe was huge.

    I’m all for Ray Allen love. I’m right there with you in saying Ray is underappreciated. He’s probably sacrificed more than any of the Big 3. But Pierce’s play in games 1 and 2 was outstanding… and his effort last night was equal to Ray’s. Please don’t let the fact that the medical staff was overly cautious with Paul’s knee… and the fact that a camera rolled on it… color your opinion of the Truth in this series. He didn’t stage that whole wheelchair thing… people just played it safe.

    Ray deserves some votes… but Paul deserves to be Finals MVP.

  6. Give it up Red’s Army apparently “it’s not debatable.” I could have swore that was the purpose of blogs. Two way conversation/debate about various topics.

    I stop reading blogs when a blogger expresses the “it’s not debatable” mentality on a subject that is clearly subjective.

    Sorry Kellex.

  7. Sasha Headbandcich? ROFL! 🙂

    Ray Allen has always been my favorite player because of his work ethics and how he conducts himself. An it would be awesome if he gets the MVP, he might get it if he has a monster game and the Celts win in game 5. But if Paul wins I will be ok with that too because he has become one of my favorite players also.

    I think it would be awesome if the MVP award went to “Ubuntu” because I have never seen a team play so together. Go Celtics!!!

  8. Don’t be sorry. Losing one reader won’t hurt my feelings.

  9. Do you people not realize that defense wins season games and offense wins playoffs.


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