Rajon – Here me Roar! I Will Not Be Silenced!

Rajon Rondo you are a man among men. You were bleeping balls out yesterday returning to the game with a dislocated elbo and a gimp back. You did exactly what I asked of you — you channeled your inner “Allen Iverson” and played amongst the trees. You got knocked down and no matter how broken got back up. You were a man on a mission. Victory Accomplished. 1 down, 3 to go.

The Celtics showed why they were 2008 World Champions. They did not lay down like my vaunted Lakers. This game was epic and could be a turning point in this series. The Celts showed me something. They showed me pride. In this world of professional atheletes it is nice to see the desire to win overcome the payday. Today is a day for all Bostonians to be proud!

KG was brilliant with 28 points and 18 boards. With a performance like that there was no need for the broken Shaq. Paul Pierce took the multiple feeds from Rondo and ended the night with 27 points, 5 boards, 5 assists, and 2 steals. He came to play and overcame his sore achilles. Ray Allen kicked in 15 and we actually had a Gloria James paramour siteing in Delonte West’s 11 points (2-4 from trey land).  

Is this Custer’s Last Stand or can the Celts overcome their age and injuries to take on the Bulls in the next round? Game 4 is 7pm on Monday in Boston. One thing is certain—– I know Rajon will suit up. He is the new TruWarrior.

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