Quote of the Year: NBA on the Billups Shot

“We determined that the play that concluded with Chauncey Billups’ three-point field goal at the end of the third quarter took approximately 5.7 seconds. Because there were only 5.1 seconds remaining in the quarter when the play began, the shot would not have counted had the clock continued to run.”

“But under NBA rules, the referees had to make their own decision as to whether or not the shot was launched in time due to the clock malfunction without using video review or another timing device to aid a split-second call. The referees followed proper procedure in addressing the clock malfunction by estimating the elapsed time and using their judgement as to whether the shot was taken in time.”

-Joel Litvin, President of Basketball Operations for the NBA

My response: Estimating elapsed time using judgement? Umm…what? They estimated that the play took place in 4.8 seconds or something when in actuality the play was 5.7 seconds long? Very nice estimation guys.

Referees aren’t paid to tell time. That is why we have a clock and a replay. Change the damn rules NBA.


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