Poll Results: You really want Kobe to have another ring?

Our most recent poll has closed and it was successful enough to call on a post!

We asked our readers to pick “Which player they would like to see win a ring this year?” And the results are…

  • Kobe Bryant: 54% (64 votes)
  • Kevin Garnett: 28% (35 votes)
  • Paul Pierce: 6% (8 votes)
  • Ray Allen: 6% (8 votes)
  • Derek Fisher: 3% (4 votes)
  • Sam Cassell: 1% (2 votes)

Overwhelmingly Kobe huh? It’s interesting after everything this guy has been through, he still demands such a following. Number one in jersey sales (remember he did switch numbers though), huge Nike deal, tons of commercials, an MVP, and more Jordan comparisons than ever. It was just a couple of years ago that Kobe was hated on a national and possibly global level (aside from China). It was also just last year that this guy was demanding things like a spoiled child, yet the LA fans can’t help but chant “M-V-P” every chance they get.

I’ll admit that he’s been growing on me as a basketball player, but the rest of the baggage that comes with him still has me baffled.

Your thoughts? Why did you vote for Kobe? Are you ready for someone to surpass Jordan as the best ever? Do you just hate KG? Shout it!


  1. Kobe is just the man. No one will ever surpass Jordan but Kobe is just as explosive and exciting to watch. He is just the best player out right now and you can’t help but love him or hate him, and most people who respect his skill and how he turned around his team.. love him. I want to see him prove all his doubters wrong.

  2. I don’t think KOBE is responsible for the LAKERS turnsround. The strong WEST teams made wrong trade moves that later resulted to an early playoff exit. Credit MITCH KUPCHAK for landing GASOL from Memphis to L.A. without having to give up Lamar Odom or even Andrew Bynum. I don’t think KOBE has doubters (he has the number one selling jersey so what;s up up with the doubt thing?)…yes he is explosive but take a second look at his dunks and explosiveness, it’s not what JORDAN stuffs are made off. JORDAN is somebody the NBA league and NBA audience still misses. Good for the NBA it has a lot of promising talents and still, undying “RIVALRIES”. And in the NBA come post-season, ALWAYS – THE BETTER TEAM WINS. CELTICS got THREE ALL-STARS whose time has come to win an NBA CHAMPIONSHIP. Unless, your team has a AIR JORDAN, i think it would be next to impossible to beat a team whose got the better pieces.

  3. kobe is still the #1 player….I (we) still believe that something will happen….down 3-1,WE STILL BELIEVE!!!

    WE BELIEVE!!!!


  5. kobe is the league #1 and I (we) still believe that something will happen in the series….down 3-1, WE BELIEVE!!!!


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