Poll Results: Donaghy is Officially "the Suck"

Our latest poll was a short one, but we had a ton of participation totaling 84 votes! We asked the question, “Do you believe anything that Tim Donaghy said about the NBA fixing games?”

You responded with an overwhelming “Yes!”

  • Yes: 65% (55 votes)
  • No: 34% (29 votes)

I’m not sure that I completely agree with the readers’ voice, but it’s definitely something worth debating and discussing.

I do think I can speak for almost everyone by saying that Donaghy is a complete waste of space. It’s too bad that worthless pieces like this guy are taking up so much air-time and thought with so many other things in this world that are so much more important. Hopefully he will be in jail sooner than later and we can move on.

Of course, we won’t be moving on until some jackass congressman holds a hearing to bring everyone under oath. Maybe that’s what we need to get everything completely over with, but I’m not so sure it will get anywhere. The last hearing they had on the hill was a dog and roided pony show that I am still embarrassed of.

Your thoughts as to why you voted “yes” or “no”?


  1. LOL@ “The Suck” Love it!


  2. You right, this whole Donaghy issue will not be done until the Senate or Congress drags every basketball player and ref through questioning. Only to find out nothing and just waste time from doing something more productive with their time.


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