Pat Riley’s XMAS Gift

It takes two to tango. Pat Riley will be behind the bench going into 2012. That is Phil Jackson’s take as well as most of the national media. Looks like Spoelstra is going to be Riley’ed just like Stan Van Gundy.

Gotta admit this ain’t NO ROCKET SCIENCE. The millisecond King James made a mockery of himself  “taking his services to South Beach” Eric Spoelstra was a walking NBA DEADMAN. The only thang that could have saved his ass would have been if the Heat came out smokin’.

The Heat are 8-6. Not the type of start anyone in Miami expected. Phil Jackson knows the NBA. He knows the egos and how to massage them. The same can be said for Pat Riley. These two are perhaps the best two living NBA coaches in history. If anyone can turn this woeful ship into the Queen Elizabeth 2 it is Pat Riley.

Riley’s 6 championships speak for themselves (5 as head coach, 1 assistant). BRON BRON wants to win just to shut up Cleveland. Wade wants to add to his championship arsenal. Bosh wants to shed that preying mantus image:

The Best Spoelstra can hope for is that Stanny Vanny takes him on as an assistant in 2012….


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