Panic in Knicktown – NY, NY


Hit the Panic Button! Even while your fateful kobeofthenba is on vaca he still finds time to read the NY Post amongst the palm trees. Too bad NY Vinnie can’t do the same on his world wide cruise. One wonders how much money it takes to cruise the world?  Alas, I digressed back to NY, NY bball. The world revolves around NY and with the Knicks having relevance as the current playoff 6th seed panic is setting in with 3 losses.

Coach D’Antoni is running around saying the Knicks are not ok and may not be a lock for the playoffs. He is screaming this “need for urgency” crap. I’m not an NBA player but I know when to put on the earmuffs and say “blah, blah, blah” under my breath.

The Knicks got the 19-23 Rockets this evening. They will win and this D’Antoni created “foe” crisis will pass. I love when the NY media creates a firestorm out of absolutely nothing. I guess they need something to talk about with the Melo trade in a perpetual hold.

Speaking of Melo I thought for sure this trade would have been completed. Rex Ryan has said it perfectly “Melo has cold feet” about coming to NY. If this theory is proven to be correct and he reups with Denver then we learned something about his character. He will fall into the annals of Lebron. He would not have the true desire to “lead a franchise” as an elite player in the NBA. It would show that he has turned into Jello under the Heat. Simply put the NBA runs the risk of being seen as a pansy sport. The stars are choosing the “easy way” out and not taking on challenges. The ho hum approach of the NBA’s elite is becoming boresome.

Either S*** or get off the pot Melo.I’m tired of this ridiculous amount of media attention you are receiving. It is now a distraction not only for the Knicks, Nets, and Nuggets but for the rest of the world that follows the NBA. Melo you are not quite at “taking my services to South Beach” level but you are getting close. Enough already…. Donnie Walsh has become so paranoid that he is quoted as saying:

I’m not saying anything about Denver. Nothing! Because it gets misconstrued and rearranged.

Of course it does. The media is pine-ing for more drama and Melo Saga has become a disgrace of magnormos proportions. When NBA bloggers are tired of the antics you know it is overblown. This is my last piece on Melo. I am choosing to create a Melo free zone on “lebasketbawl.” It’s time to get back to basketball. That thing the NBA calls entertainment. They have lost sight of their purpose.

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