OJ Mayo, violating NCAA rules?

OJ Mayo just couldn’t resist could he? Mayo, a college freshman standout at USC, accepted free NBA tickets to last night’s Lakers vs. Nuggets game and may have violated an NCAA rule. The tickets, given to him him by Carmelo Anthony are valued at $230 a piece, were near mid-court and easily over the limit on what a college athlete should be accepting. The only way out of this situation is if the NCAA decides Melo is just a friend, and not representing a professional sports organization.

Carmelo supposedly made the offer to Mayo at a party he was hosting on Sunday night.

“I was talking to him like, `Man, you’re out pretty late. You’ve got a game tomorrow night against Kobe [Bryant],”‘ Mayo said. “He said, `Nah, it will be all right.’ And then he asked, `You want to come to the game?’ And I was like, ‘Sure.’ “

This is not a surprise at all! The kid ran through controversies in high shcool like Marion Jones ran through steroids! He made his way to USC by personal choice and was not even recruited by the university. In fact, he said he wanted to come to USC because L.A. is a big time marketing town, and he was looking to get started early.

USC has been a disappointment so far this year and losing OJ to a few games would probably not destroy the program. They have some other outstanding players like freshman Davon Jefferson. We all expected Mayo to leave after this season anyway, this will just make his time even easier.

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  1. I don’t agree with your position on this issue at all.
    1. Melo IS a friend and therefore should be able to give tix to his man anytime he wants. I think the whole “representing a pro organization” is a far stretch considering it was player-to-player and college athletes have very little choice in which NBA franchise they go to.
    2. How can you knock a kid for marketing himself? He isn’t going to college to work a 9-5 and even if he was often kids choose colleges based on which school will best position themselves in their professional careers. Just because he was a high profile high school basketball prospect doesn’t change that fact. You obviously fell into the hoopla the media made of his decision to promote himself to USC rather than sitting back and waiting for recruiter to chase after him. He knew what he wanted and was proactive in going for it. Oh and by they way USC is lucky and grateful that he did that.
    3. If Mayo is suspended that would hurt that program dramatically. Jefferson and Gibson are very good but without Mayo it makes them much easier to guard.


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