NBA Talk: Plans Change In Detroit With Villanueva and Gordon Added

We all remember the heartbreaking move for Detroit when they sent Chauncey Billups to the Denver Nuggets while Detroit brought in Allen Iverson. It wasn’t good for the Pistons as they got destroyed in the playoffs.

Then here they are with Iverson gone and Rasheed Wallace aging a bit. And Richard “Rip” Hamilton can’t do everything by himself. How can Detroit survive? I’ll tell you why.

With two standout adds of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, the Pistons look like a viperous team coming into the 2009-10 season as they look to strangle their opponents.

And another good thing is that they haven’t reached 30 yet, as they are both in there mid-20s, which is acceptable for this offense.

Bringing in Gordon really helps out Rip and Rodney Stuckey being the “sixth man” of the group. Gordon makes a monumental difference towards the squad. It’ll look like the “good ol’ days” when it was Isaiah Thomas, Vinnie Johnson, and Joe Dumars.

Now we know how Gordon can help, how the heck will Villanueva end up? I’ll tell you how.

Villanueva helps replace Rasheed Wallace, who reportedly has received some pretty big attraction from the Boston Celtics, and according to, some appeal from the San Antonio Spurs.

Although Villanueva is probably better shooter, there is absolutely no way he can reinstate the defensive intelligence of Sheed. But besides that, the Pistons were built to be a younger and stronger team.

Wallace, I know, is the heart and soul of the Detroit Pistons, but he has to go and it looks he will…to the C’s.

Many people were also lingering for the trade of Kwame Brown and Jason Maxiell to the New Orleans Hornets for Tyson Chandler and Julian Wright, but c’mon: Aren’t Gordon and Villanueva better?

The Pistons look to be a powerhouse team and can be a threat in the Central Conference. But it’s going to be a tougher division as the Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks join the mix as both teams are dying for playoff-spot.

With Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Rip Hamilton, Rodney Stuckey, and Tayshaun Prince leading the Pistons, they can be that team they were: a furious one.

And Gordon and Villanueva are the first step in the progress.

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