NBA Talk Pacers Edition: Is Roy Hibbert Ready?


Roy Hibbert emerged in his rookie year, proving that he is star like he was back in Georgetown. Last year, the 7’2″ center had averaged seven points and four rebounds per game.

Although he did play only 1,009 minutes that year, seven points and four rebounds per game is very good for a rookie center, you got to admit that. Hibbert also had a 7.94 efficiency rating, which is solid for a rookie center as well.

When Hibbert came onto the court, he took advantage of his size and rebounded every ball whenever he got the chance too. His 7’2″ frame takes a big advantage and the Pacers were very lucky to get him.

His field goal percentage and free throw percentage were solid for his skills, as he had .471 in field goal percentage and was .667 in free throw percentage. Solid, isn’t it? Also, in every game, he always had at least one block. In his last three games of the season, he had three blocks per game.

Probably one of his best games was against the Detroit Pistons in the 80th game of the season. He had nine points, four blocks, and eight rebounds. He played very well that game and improved as the games went on throughout the season.

Now here we are, this year. The Pacers have a chance at Lakers’ stud, Lamar Odom. With him, it could help the team with rebounding the ball. The Pacers struggled last year and just couldn’t improve.

But now as we have seen Roy Hibbert’s skills last year, is it possible of him becoming the starter of the Indiana Pacers’ squad?

I suggest we should talk about this issue. This is the talk, the Indiana Pacers talk that is.

Roy Hibbert proved himself that he is a worthy center in National Basketball Association. With the stats he had shown last year, many fans on Indiana think he is capable of performing much much better this year.

The Pacers were lucky that they got Hibbert in a trade (he was originally drafted by the Raptors). Indiana also got Brandon Rush in a trade that sent their draft pick in Jerryd Bayless to the Portland Trail-Blazers.

With Hibbert, the Pacers performed better when he came onto the court. He added more rebounds towards the squad as well as more blocks. The Pacers are more efficient when Hibbert comes into the lineup, as I and many NBA fans probably have observed.

The Pacers now have players going into free agency, two involving power forwards/centers. Rasho Nesterovic and Josh McRoberts are the players and I don’t know if the Pacers can afford to keep them with their cap space.

If Nesterovic and McRoberts go, it’ll be Jeff Foster, Troy Murhpy, and Roy Hibbert himself competing for starting spots. My prediction would be Murphy at starting power forward while Hibbert is at the starting spot for the center position.

Is Roy Hibbert ready, though?

After seeing how he has performed, he can change the whole pace of the game with his skills. It could be one heck of a lineup seeing T.J. Ford, Brandon Rush, Danny Granger, Troy Murphy, and Roy Hibbert all in one lineup. Then don’t forget Mike Dunleavy, Jeff Foster, and Marquis Daniels who lead the way at the backup spots.

Hibbert has also proved that he won’t end up the way David Harrison went. Harrison was a disaster. He had the same frame as Hibbert and was a number one draft pick but he failed to reach his peak with Indiana (he also took PEDs). Harrison is now part of the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

Hibbert, I hope, surely won’t end up like Harrison.

Roy Hibbert is ready for the starting spot, and if he starts, the Pacers could be a contender for the playoffs. A 40-plus win-season could be waiting for Indiana, and that’s an opportunity no one would want to let down.

Hibbert is ready, it’s time to bring him in.


  1. You think Rush is taking Dunleavy’s starting spot next year, eh? I loved Rush coming out of Kansas and was convinced that all those teams who passed on him would be sorry.

  2. Yeah he probably is actually.


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