NBA Talk: Could Iverson Be The Answer For Cleveland?

I have been hearing many rumors about Allen Iverson.

One is that he may go to the Memphis Grizzlies to form an attack team with Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo. I believe this can happen. The Grizzlies need a guy like A.I.

Then there were talks about him going to the San Antonio Spurs.

You serious?

It would be crazy but I really wouldn’t expect that happening. It just won’t look right and it seems to me that San Antonio is more interested in Rasheed Wallace than that six-foot point guard.

Then here comes everyone blabbing about Allen Iverson to the Charlotte Bobcats. I heard one of the best NBA writers I have ever seen, D. Michael Lee, saying it can happen. But c’mon, with Larry Brown? Are you nuts?

I believe you are.

I would love to see him with the Indiana Pacers, it’s not going to happen, not at all. If they didn’t draft A.J. Price, a little chance they might get A.I., but it’s for sure Indy isn’t looking at him. And if they did, they won’t be looking at him for long.

So then here comes the last rumor. When I posted one of my Allen Iverson articles (a Big NBA News one), one of the guys said that he should go the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat.

There were talks heating up rapidly of this rumor coming to life. I definitely can see A.I. coming to Miami to play for the Heat or traveling to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers.

But which one should A.I. choose? Both teams definitely look like championship teams next year that Iverson can actually win a ring with. But which team.

The Heat are still rebuilding. The Shaq trade made some trouble because Shawn Marion was a waste.

Sure, A.I. can help out Mario Chalmers but isn’t that way Dwayne Wade is there as well? Sure, both superstars in together with Wade and A.I., well take a look at ‘Melo and A.I. about one or two years ago.

You know what I am saying.

But then here comes A.I. to Cleveland. It’ll finally be no LeBron all day. And with A.I. on the Cavs, wouldn’t that just be the best thing Cleveland can get. The point guard attack of Mo Williams and Allen Iverson will evolve, quickly.

So what do you say? I think A.I. should go to Cleveland.

I agree, it is also Dwayne Wade all the time with the Heat but I think Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers are really improving. A lot of other guys are pitching in as well and I think Wade is all good.

As for the Cavs, it’s a different story. And that is why I am here to tell you Allen Iverson should go the Cavaliers. It looks like a perfect fit so here we go.

This is the talk, the NBA talk that is.

So Allen Iverson…to the Cavaliers. To the Cavaliers, am I serious? Oh heck yeah, I literally am serious and you should agree as well. If you are saying A.I. doesn’t look like a great fit, what about Ron Artest to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Doesn’t that look a little weird?

Yes, it most certainly does but we can all see why he is there. No Trevor Ariza. And Artest can make a huge difference in LA and it can make Los Angeles a very dangerous team coming into next year, and also, of course, the team to beat for next year.

In this recent NBA Playoffs, the Cavaliers were the team to beat. Many people believed they had the NBA Finals trophy already. They faced the Detroit Pistons. Out, easily. Then the Atlanta Hawks. Out, easier.

Then came Orlando: Cleveland’s out, easily.

But wait, is there something wrong with that sentence above this one? That’s what many NBA fans believed as well. Looks like is frowning even more.

And during all of those games in the NBA Playoffs that the Cavs played in, it was all LeBron James in every single one of them. Mo Williams couldn’t help. Neither could Ben Wallace. Nobody. Not even “The Big Z.”

It was all LeBron, all day. The King. All day, every day. Nobody else.

So it brings me to this point. The Cavaliers need Iverson. If Iverson is in, the line-up will most probably look like this:

PG: Mo Williams/Allen Iverson/Daniel Gibson

SG: Delonte West/Tarence Kinsley

SF: LeBron James

PF: Anderson Varejao

C: Shaquille O’Neal/Zydrunas Ilgauskas

It does look like a pretty solid lineup. But the front three is going to make a enormous difference.

It’ll be a crazy attack with the point guards with some good defense from Mo Williams, spectacular shots from Allen Iverson, and all-you-can-get from Daniel Gibson.

In the shooting guard section, you have Delonte West attack with his passing and consistent shooting (questionable, actually), and with Tarence Kinsley doing what he does.

And we all know what’s with the small forward. LeBron, all day and every day. The King. We all know what LeBron can do. He will attack you no matter where he is.

And how about the big guys?

I really don’t like Anderson Varejao, he just plain sucks to me. I have seen him play for a long time and all I see is that he isn’t tough. On Yahoo! Sports, an article showed of Varejao and LeBron James with their shirts off.

Varejao’s body was flat, LeBron’s: all buffed up.

So I think I might have to scratch up the lineup a bit as it would be nice if “The Big Z” was at power forward and Shaq at center. That would be very dominant. You won’t be seeing many rebounds from the opponents the Cavs face!

See how everything works out?

With Allen Iverson in, it makes a huge difference. One little player, making one giant leap for a team. It doesn’t look right but it is. It actually is! Iverson can change the whole completion of a game when he is on the court.

Sure, many of you people have said Iverson is stats guy, not a winning guy. But c’mon, he did lead his Sixers to the NBA Finals be himself, but eventually losing. And that happened exactly to LeBron James a couple of years ago.

And with both of them teaming up, it’s going to be a major hell for many opponents. It fits perfectly.

Both of these guys deserve a ring and with them teaming up together, a ring may be coming there way.


  1. i hope he goes it will be a good fit

  2. there might be problems getting lebron and allen iverson to play together actually they can also get iverson on a one year deal>


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