NBA Season Over, What Now?

The season has wrapped, the draft is just around the corner, and we are entering our first off season as NBA bloggers! This should be interesting enough but I’m hoping we’ll have more fun with our writing like we did in the early stages that gave us the motivation to want to keep doing this.

Our goal is to get back to do some fun lists, possibly pushing some people’s buttons, and bringing as much breaking news as possible.

In case some of you weren’t aware, we have brought on a new writer named Olivier Gibbons who is our east coast voice that has a very nice take on the NBA and some of its inter-workings. You can check out his first 2 posts here and here.

So to finish off our first regular season, we’d like to put up the list of our top posts and some statistics to go with them. These are the types of things you should be expecting from us in the near future!

Thanks to everyone who has helped this blog succeed in its first year! Don’t forget to subscribe to our feed to get those instant updates on the latest from Le Basketbawl!

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