NBA Recap: 1/26/08

Friday was quite the night for hoops! We had some snoozers, some blowouts, and a ton of tight ones. Let’s get this recap going!

  • Lebron James did all he could, but the Suns just came in waves! Phoenix really is picking up steam at this point; look out world. 110-108 Suns.
  • Rip Hamilton goes off, and the Pistons romp on the Magic. This game was not close, don’t let that score fool you. 101-93 Detroit.
  • The Wizards continue their fiery play and take down the Grizzlies. I thought this could have been a turn around year for Memphis, wow was I wrong. 104-93 Washington.
  • What is up with the Bucks? Toronto of all teams wins by 31 in Canada. Bosh proving he is worthy of an All-Star bid. 106-75 Raptors.
  • Garnett sets a late double pick and comes away with the game winning steal to overcome…the Timberwolves? Minnesota has been on a role! Still not enough against he best team in the NBA. 87-86 Boston.
  • Who’s hot? The Knicks! I guess it’s time for me to stop trashing on them, because they just keep winning. The Sixers were their most recent victim. 89-81 Knicks.
  • New Orleans lights it up from behind the arc and destroys those pathetic little Clippers. I feel bad for Mike Dunleavy. 111-92 Hornets.
  • Jason Kidd was wrong, the Nets are worse than a .500 team! The Nuggets take care of that lousy team from out east without Carmelo Anthony. 100-85 Nuggets.
  • Utah is looking forward to the second half of the season and taking over first place in the Northwest Division. The Kings were their pawns tonight. 127-113 Jazz.
  • Houston rallies in Portland to pull off a huge road win. The Trail Blazers starting to slip a little? How long can this feel good story last? 89-79 Rockets.
  • Marvin Williams emerges for the Hawks, and the Sonics continue to suck. Maybe they’ll be better in Oklahoma City? 99-90 Atlanta.
  • Chicago loses another as the Bobcats are beginning to show life during this Jordan era. Maybe it’s the new shoes he’s releasing? 90-77 Charlotte.
  • Kobe takes over for 40, and the Lakers still lose. The Mavericks are once again for real people. Hopefully Golden State doesn’t show up again. 112-105 Dallas.

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