NBA Players Hangin’ With Murderers

Indiana Pacers young gun Shawne Williams did not travel, play or practice with the team yesterday due to the fact that a murderer was hanging out at his house and driving a truck registered to him.

Gary Bohannon, 20, was arrested on a Tennessee warrant for murder Wednesday night after he had just left Williams’ house. Gary is so elite he even has a flashy nickname: Roosevelt Rollins!

Williams was stopped by police last year while hanging out with Bohannon. Police found a little stash of “the mary jane” in the car and of course, Roosevelt Rollins claimed it was his!

This was Williams after that law enforcement altercation: “Yeah, I have to cause you know, me being a professional ball player, I got to watch who I hang around. I need to surround myself with better people.”

Wow…that statement just says it all doesn’t it?

More info here.

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