NBA Player Doesn’t Like Referee’s Call

NBA Player Doesn’t Like Referee’s Call

I know it sounds completely crazy. Most of you have never heard of anything like this before. But last night a referee in a basketball game made a call and there was a player that, get this, didn’t like it! OMG!

Now, this is being made a big deal because the referee was a female. Here name is Lauren Holtkamp and she’s been reffing in the D-league for six years including in the D-league finals. She’s not new to it, but she is new to the NBA this year.


Chris Paul was T’d up at one point because he questioned why the Holtkamp would not allow him to throw the ball in quickly after the opponent’s made free throw. Paul’s story is that he went to quickly take the ball out and she stopped play and told him “uh-uh” to which he replied “why uh-uh?” – and that was the cause for the technical foul.

Now should that be a technical all by itself? Probably not. Do I believe that’s the whole story? Probably not.

The Clippers players areĀ  arguing that it’s not that they were disrespecting her because she’s a woman. They’re disrespecting her because she made bad calls. I call BS on both of those possible reasons.

I think they’re testing her just like anyone would test a new authority figure if you thought you could get away with it. Her being a woman might have made them more likely to test her early on in her career, but I don’t think it played a big enough role to even be worth mentioning. I simply don’t believe that they would have done that if she’d been in the show 10 years already. No way. My guess is that she saw his comments as him being a smart ass and she did what she needed to do to try to rein in the attitudes. The game was already out of hand so it didn’t really hurt anyone to feel out the situation.

To me, the funniest thing is Paul’s comments that “… if that’s the case this might not be for her” completely betrays his own ignorance. She’s been reffing for years and while the stage is bigger in the NBA, players (and coaches) have attitudes at every level. It not like she doesn’t have the experience to know how to deal with hot heads and cry babies.

Maybe Paul should take a look at his own actions and words from during the game. Maybe he should see where the Clippers as a team rank in technical fouls. I’ll give you a hint. If you hold up one finger, that one finger represents their ranking in techs.

Maybe if he can’t keep himself in check then, to borrow a line of his own, maybe this might not be for him. Obviously that’s not true. Obviously this is for him. But she’s been at this long enough that it should be obvious that this is for her too.

I suspect that in the next few games by Paul and the rest of the Clippers there will be some extra attention paid to their behavior by the refs. The referee union already defended her and said that her calls were justified so considering his public comments attacking her professionally it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a little extra attention thrown his way.

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