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  1. Iverson is definitely a stat monster and will go down “stat-wise” as one of the greats.

    But it’s like me playing intramural ball…I average 25 pts a game but my team is 3-10…I would consider myself overrated.

    Or Craig Biggio for the Atros. He’s in the 3000 hit club and will make the Hall of Fame just because he reached 3000 hits and has stats. But he also played for 20 years and just compiled.

    I think Iverson has game, but he’s had one year of success (his NBA Finals trip). And he may have been on horrible teams in the past, but right now he is surrounded by a ton of talent and might miss the playoffs. That is why I consider him overrated. And because those damn swirley cornrows!

    That is a fantastic post BTW.

  2. I couldn’t disagree with this post more.

    Iverson is the Nuggets’ most effective player. According to his adjusted plus/minus (+7.6), when he is on the court, per 48 minutes, the Nuggets outscore their opponents by (+3.8) points compared to (-3.7) when he is off the court.

    Carmelo, on the other hand, actually has a negative adjusted +/-. This means that the Nuggets have actually been a better team when Anthony is off the floor (+3.1) than when he is on (+2.8) for a total of (-0.4).

    82Games Nuggets Stats

    So per 48 minutes, Iverson is worth +7.6 points for the Nuggets while Carmelo Anthony is worth -0.4. Plus, Iverson hasn’t missed a game and leads the league in minutes played and minutes per game, making him that much more effective.

    Yet Iverson is considered overrated and Anthony is an All-Star starter? No way in hell.

  3. you most be a fucking retarded AI is so good you hate him when diva-kobe its crying whit the finger AI has play whit broken legs and all you get a new-life……

  4. iverson is one of the best ever he is not over rated but lebron is and so is kobe but iverson is the 2’nd best ever mj ia 1’st so ever body stop hatein on iverson the answer


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