NBA Heading to India…

The NBA has most recently announced the division known as NBA China to conduct all of the league’s business in Greater China. However, in its goal to become the ultimate global sport, the National Basketball Association has begun its development in a new country, India.

“India and China are two emerging markets in Asia . We have already set our foot in China , and India is our present target. It is a long term association that we are looking forward, to build the game of basketball in the country,” NBA vice-president Mark Aronson said Monday night.

The NBA will start by setting up camps including an initial camp taking place in New Delhi from July 3-6 for 50 young basketball players from all over Asia. The camp is named ‘Basketball Without Borders’ and is the 4th installment, with the first 3 taking place in China.

“During the camp we will have NBA players and coaches as mentors. We will also lay emphasis on health, HIV AIDS and similar issues. We are also exploring opportunities for girls as well,” said Brooks Meek, director of international basketball operations of NBA.

This is an exciting time to be an NBA fan especially with the talent we are starting to accept from the rest of the world. The European players have made a major impact over the last 5-7 years and we are now seeing China’s best performing at a high level. The Euroleague has become a fixture for the up-and-coming stars from overseas and has helped develop some American born players into NBA caliber players.

Although Indian fans closely follow NBA action on television, national teams have struggled at the international level due to a lack of technical and financial support. India is fast growing as a market for staging major sports events thanks to its booming economy.

There will be two other such camps this year in Moscow, Russia from June 4 to 7 and in Johannesburg, South Africa, from September 3 to 7.


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  2. I wouldn’t think India would be the ideal second stop for the NBA’s international division, but no doubt 1 billion potential customers can make any business venture look appealing.

  3. no mention of any city? or province?

  4. the nba first needs to talk to their tv partners. we get just 2 games per week on tv. one friday early morning and one saturday early morning. at 5:30 am. not much of an audience at that time, eh? if they at least show the west coast games, they would start at 8 am and more people would watch. and the plan about putting emphasis on health and hiv aids? guys, this isn’t africa. basketball in india is mostly a sport for the privileged with only the high end schools having basketball courts. if they are expecting to see a lot of poverty at these camps and planning on educating young “poor” players on HIV etc., they are in for a shock. most kids who play basketball in india are from the well-to-do families getting good education… the nba needs to get in touch with reality

  5. basketball in india is mostly a sport for the privileged with only the high end schools having basketball courts.


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