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As I wrote in a previous piece I think 2012 is the year for the Blazers. With Roy out indefinitely and Mr Ricketts out for the year the Blazers are floundering. To add insult to injury Marcus Camby’s OLD knees have finally given out and he is going under the “arthroscopic” knife. The fact this Blazer team is 23-20 is amazing. I advocate for Nate McMillian to be Coach of the Year. Especially if they work their way into the playoffs. At this moment they are the 8 seed.

Shannon Brown married Monica. The only wacked thang about this is that it happened Nov 22. Why wait until January to leak the news? I guess they married so they could file their taxes jointly for 2011.

Do you believe that Lou Wil of the 76ers is a rapper? It is pretty hilarious. Nothing new however. Every NBA player since Shaq thinks they can rap.

Phil Jackson loves one thing more then basketball. To here his own voice. Again, the Zen Master is making predictions. He just hates the Heat. First he says that Pat Riley should be the coach. Now, he is saying the Boston Celtics will knock of the Heat to get the the NBA Finals. Is it me or is Phil scared of the Heat? just saying… Maybe he should focus on his own team. He allowed the limping Mavs to beat the Lakers. Its great to have Rex Ryan Bravado. In Phil’s case it is just a matter of time till it bites him in the rump.

I gotta wrap this up with a shot at Cousin Paulie’s pathetic Cavs. The Jazz’s mascott beat up a Cav’s fan. This video is hilarious. At least my sadĀ Kings aren’t getting beat up by a fake Bear!


  1. hahahaha 2012 is the year for the Blazers! Hilarious, I can’t wait to read that.

    Not only is their record this season impressive considering the injuries, check out their record the past 3 seasons!

    I am with you, Nate for COY if they make the playoffs. He might even have been deserving of it once or twice the past few years because their injuries made it a real challenge, and the were above 50 wins one season even with all their injuries.

  2. ggggrrrrrrreeeeaaaaatttt point Sel-Eldeine. The Blazers have constantly been competitive without a full house so to speak. That is why i firmly believe that if they ever get there house in working order they could be scary in 2012

  3. Didn’t they have the full house one year and got beaten by the rockets in the 1st round?
    even they do have the full house, they still need a couple of years to get to the finals.
    lolz @ beaten up by a fake bear

  4. the fake bear is hilarious….as for the blazers.. the sad part is stranger you may be right. the problem is they don’t have a couple years. Lets hope they catch lightening in the bottle or it ain’t happening…

  5. It is disappointing cos when they had the full house and b roy played the way he did a couple seasons ago i totally believed they were a future championship team. at the moment it looks like they need more than a couple years to regroup into a title contender.

  6. @stranger….true that tru that. it is disappointing for Blazer fans. Esepecially bc the expectations were there with the talent they obtained- injuries are a bitch!



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