NBA Gossip and Rick Adelman

With the strike still in full swing I have shifted my interest to sports that are actually playing. I’m a big fantasy football head and I also run a website about such. Feel free to check out Fantasy Sports Gab if you share the same love.

Kobe got in the news a while back about throwing a hissy fit at church. Other then that the only thing going on is the infamous Kim Kardashian / Kris Humphries wedding. Personally, I don’t feel like contributing anymore to the fame whore.

Man, how the mighty have fallen. Rick Adelman is interviewing the Wolves. Minnesota is bad and I don’t see them getting better any time soon. Adelman would be good for Rubio as he may help him acclimate to the NBA game more readily. Though if I were Rick I would stay retired and wait for a contender to come calling.

Zach Randolph also got in the news by having “his boys” beat their drug dealer with a pool cue. Glad to see the NBAers are staying out of trouble 🙂

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