The NBA Finals…Flickr’d

I love Flickr and all the craziness that people feel the need to put up and make public on it. We took some time to see what kinds of crazy pictures its users threw up from their Finals experiences and stumbled across some whacky stuff, that’s for sure.

Of course we had to throw in some commentary to go with these; enjoy.

Another chip for another Boston sports team?

“Hide!” “Where?!?” “Behind the giant trophy of course!”

Game 1 and a magical picture.

Where’s your wheel chair Pauly?

What a hot-mess.

Lester gettin’ some much deserved, cancer free love!

A little premature?

Who doesn’t love some constructive fan activities?

So right. They should have added in “weak”.

Front page of Digg-worthy?

Tough to “Rondo” anyone from the bench isn’t it?


It’s good to be JT isn’t it?

Who’s the guy with him? Can’t bum $15 from Key for a new haistyle?

The Incredible Hulk did open and appears to be as big of a bore…

Game 6! Tiger should have been the cover.


  1. Nicely done. I find myself hanging out at Flickr more and more.

  2. I agree Tiger should have been on the cover. The guy behind the trophy is thinking, ” I wish I would have known we were coming back from commerical break. Do they know I am here?”


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