The NBA Final-scars and Kobe: Cocked, Locked and…Jammed?

Come on Boston.

Not being at home for the 3rd quarter makes me extremely happy right now after hearing about the Paul Pierce Oscar-worthy performance. The guy jacks his knee, gets carried off the court, wheel chair’d to the locker room, and then comes out pumpin’ his fist like Ali only to drop 15 points and jump the Celtics out to a lead they would hold on to the rest of the game? Bleh…glad I went out for that turkey burger! Give this guy his award now!

Let’s just break this down and move on. Enough Willis Reed comparisons, it’s pathetic. The guy is good; we all know that. His knee obviously wasn’t as bad as he played it. Sure it hurts initially, but give me a break. I just hope you can come back Sunday so we don’t have to hear the excuses.

O Kobe, O Kobe, wherefore art thou 4th quarter performance?

Yeah, my only chance in history to quote me some Shakespeare comes straight from your bleh-worthy 4th quarter performance, Mamba. You start off with a bank “J” and I lean over to my better half and say, “It’s Kobe time…time to dominate” and then you go absolutely cold and start jacking up junk. You’ve got to give a ton of credit to Boston’s defense but I’m also going to hack on the Lakers for their lack of any sort of offense. There was no movement, no fluidity and a ton of horrible passes. Again, maybe we should just be giving all the credit to Boston’s defense…

Either way, I’m guessing that Kobe won’t go 9-26 (or whatever it was) on Sunday and if he does you better expect 70+ in game 3. I guess we should just let him, be him.

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