NBA "Feel Test" Rankings

Rather than breaking down stats and turning Hollinger-esque on everyone I decided to put together my “feel test” rankings for the NBA. The “feel test” method involves simply, how I feel about each team and what kind of feelings they are giving off down this home stretch to the playoffs.

Do they feel streaky? Do they feel rock solid? Do they feel over-hyped? Do they feel too soft to make a deep run? Do they feel like last year’s Mavericks? Lets find out…

Boston Celtics – Rank: 5

Do the Celtics feel like champions? Sorry Boston fans, but I’m going to say “no.” They may be running over the west this year but I just don’t get that strong sense of dominance that I get from the Lakers, Suns and Spurs. Maybe my feelings need a good jolt or a wake up call, but this just doesn’t seem to be their year. I’m afraid they’ll start to break down in the next couple of weeks and KG will be left trying to carry the load yet again. That is never a good thing, just go ask Minnesota.

Utah Jazz – Rank: 4

As much as this hurts me to say, the Utah Jazz feel reeeeeeeal good this year. They have been flying under the radar all season long which makes absolutely no sense after reaching the conference Finals just a year ago. The “Deron Williams Love Fest” ended sometime early on when CP3 showed up as the next great thing and joined Team Jordan. Deron, however, strikes me as the type of guy to take things like that personal and will look forward to dominating come playoff time. And don’t forget the Alaskan King Crab, Carlos Boozer!

Detroit Pistons – Rank: 3

If I was playing out west, I would be really frightened at the thought of having to play the Detroit Pistons for an NBA Championship. Chauncey Billups said the other day that the Pistons are finally playing like a “team” and they feel like everything is falling into place. Don’t you just feel it too? The thought of the Pistons claiming another championship seems quite possible this year.

L.A. Lakers – Rank: 2

Kobe Bryant winning an MVP? Yes. The Lakers winning an NBA Championship without Shaq? Maybe. I get the the feeling that the Lakers have what it takes to win it all, but there is just one problem, the return of western Diesel. Yes the Lakers made the right move in acquiring Gasol and yes they’ll be absolutely dominant if Bynum joins the show, but I just don’t feel like this is the year.

Phoenix Suns – Rank: 1

That’s right! Phoenix is giving me all kinds of loveable feelings! I made this prediction a while ago when the Shaq trade had just gone down and I’m starting to feel pretty good about it. Steve Nash has been letting his teammates grow and learn to play without him directing each play and Shaq has turned into a young version of himself. He can run again! We just need a few more Aristotle quotes to really get this lovetrain moving. Phoenix, this is your year! Feel it!


  1. I’m sorry, but if you seriously think that the Suns are a better chance to win the championship this year that the Celtics, you are an idiot.

  2. Represent!

  3. I’m inclined to agree with your list for the most part. I put the Pistons ahead of the Celtics, and think the Eastern Conference team, by virtue of having a much easier path to the Finals than the grueling Western Conference (they can’t even rest their players down the stretch, whereas the Celtic and Pistons have been half-assing it since January) has a really good chance this year.

    That aside, here’s the West:
    1. Jazz
    2. Rockets
    3. Hornets
    4. Suns
    5. Lakers

    The Lakers will make it to the Finals in the next two or three years, but they just aren’t “feeling” good to me. Bynum isn’t going to be 100% when he gets back, and they need him 100% in the playoffs. Ditto Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom , who always comes up with an injury. Too many things could derail that team.

    The Jazz look a bit spent, especially Boozer, but if they can pull themselves together they are the team to beat. The Hornets aren’t that deep, or even that talented, but they work. The Rockets would have been my #1 choice if not for Yao’s absence, but they have been pretty unbeatable since January, even before the streak happened.

    And the Suns – I predicted 2009 would be their year, but I also said that my friend told me we would have a better sense of how good they were after 10 games with Shaq. So I waited, and since then, they have been rolling. I have to give the Suns more props… they are peaking at the right time….


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