NBA Entertainment League…fun!

Yes that topic title is correct; there is actually a league for celebrities to live out their dreams of acting like professional athletes or at least wearing the uniforms of professional athletes.

The league is made up of 16 teams broken out into eastern and western conferences just like your normal NBA and is filled with almost 200 of your favorite heart throb soap stars and B list actors.

Games are played every Sunday in a secret societal gym somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. The season wraps up in April each year with a week long playoff run that leaves us with an NBAE league champion and bragging rights inside movie trailers around the country! I’m sure you can picture Dean Cain (former Superman) on the set of his latest STD (straight-to-DVD) flick bragging to Brandon Routh (current Superman) about that sick reverse lay-up he pulled on Bill Bellamy.

The NBAE league, in its eleventh season begins just as any other NBA league would begin, and that is with a ring ceremony. However, celebrities do it right by throwing an enormous tip-off party that actually brings together those ridiculously nicknamed Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs stars. The party includes a live NBAE draft for each team, the presentation of championship rings and an “unforgettable” live performance from Ice Cube (spare me!). They actually receive diamond crusted rings for playing 15 whoppin’ games. The rough life of a celebrity…

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