NBA Drama 101

I love the NBA. I live for the drama. In the past few days we saw Kim Kardashian drop Kris Humphries for Kayne West.  The Melo trade has reached fevor pitch with a hypothetical 15 player deal. Kobe’s knee is so bad that he didn’t practice until his boys starting losing. The Cavaliers management is so scared of Lebron they changed hotels. This is one exciting week- I get to use Kimmy K as my piece picture. NY Vinnie should be proud Kim is wearing a Knicks hat!

Kobe – Whatever people want to say about him you can not deny his desire to win. I’m not a fan of his knee and cartiledge whining. As Allen Iverson famously said “it’s practice man, PRACTICE, we talking bout Practice?!?” Kobe sat out practice until he was called out. Now, in order to show that he is not above his teammates he is practicing. Praise the basketball LORD! That my friends will make all the difference! I am truly bring sarcastic here. To be blunt it don’t matter if he practices or not.  What matters is that the role players on the Lakers get in gear. In fact I would attempt to talk sense into Kobe and tell him to rest that aging body of his. He is one old 32. There are many many basketball miles on those feet. As I have preached from the choir box the Lakers will be just fine. Relax and keep sipping the Kool Aid!


The the Melo Thang is driving me borderline insane. A 15 player deal involving at least 3 if not 4 teams? Really? Once the whole trade shakes out the hapless Nets get Rip Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, and the coveted Carmello Anthony. Add to that Brook Lopez and the Nets suddenly go from hapless to relevent. Billy King will be the King if he can pull that trade off. Melo has reservations as his preferred destination is the NYK. The Nets are right across the bridge in Jersey and will be a NY NY franchise soon enough. Let’s see if Jay Z can get Melo to go “on to the next one” as he preaches in his new album. With Melo anchoring the Nets cast they will become instantly credible. That is if Billups doesn’t cry like a lil girl and continue to beg for a buyout. Chauncey play the game of basketball. That is what you are paid to do.

As I posted in Cousin Paulie’s previous piece the Cavaliers are 1-19 in their last 20. The Miami Heat are 19-1. Lebron accomplished his goal of destroying an entire franchise. Congrats Lebron on being a punk. At least you realized one thing. You can’t win it as the #1. Its better off being Wade’s #2 then having to handle the pressure of being a #1. In my mind this decision has solidified your position in the NBA. You will never reach the heights of MJ, Kobe, Doc, and Bird. You fall into the ranks of Scottie Pippen and Kevin McHale. When all is said and done Dwayne Wade will be held in higher regard. You just don’t know how good you had it in Cleveland. You had the basketball world at your feet. No longer. As for your Beatles comments- you have lost any clue as to what you are. Next you will do a John Lennon and tell us you are more popular then Jesus. 

As for the Cavaliers, they have to stop hiding from Lebron and just realize- it is what it is. A wise man once told me “people say that life is what happens to you while your making other plans.” Obviously, the Cavs forget to make other plans. Hiding and “changing” hotels…..unacceptable. NBA teams share hotels all the time. Coping out and moving down the street….disgraceful!


  1. Yo Kobe,
    DUDE that may be the best column that Cousin Paulie has ever seen you write! You were spot-on in all your observations. As Cousin Paulie wrote James did not have the courage to try to be a Jordan, Magic, Doc, or Bird. Instead he ran to Miami to become one of the “PIPS” for D-Wade. It is okay to rather be a small fish in a big pond, but in Cousin Paulie’s opinion it makes you a WUSSY!

    As far as the three-way with the Nuggets, the Nets and the Pistons; Cousin Paulie does not see it happening. The reason Cousin Paulie is saying that is we are hearing about it now before it happens. Nine out of ten times that pretty much dooms a deal. Now there are the exceptions such as J-Kidd to Dallas, but they are the exceptions. We did not hear anything about the Orlando trade before the transaction took place. Plus the way Chauncey is talking he is not about to let this go down.

    Cousin Paulie truly believes this; the garbage they went through after getting embarrassed by Memphis last Sunday was just what they needed. It was their wake-up call, Sunday night against MY BOYS they looked like they were the defending NBA Champs. As long as Kobe keeps playing the way he has since the Grizzlies game that bump in the road is just what YOUR BOYS needed!

  2. pauls….i think that trade has got about the same shot as a snowball surviving in hell…..DOA. your right once it goes public it is Dead on Arrival.

    King James has accepted his role as a prince next he will be a pauper


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