NBA Draft History: The White Boy Busts

When Tyler Hansbrough and Kevin Love decide to leave college, they will have the opportunity to join a unique group of basketball players. Which group is that you say? The “White Boy Bust” group!

I’ve heard ramblings of Kevin Love actually turning into a decent pro while Hansbrough will struggle from the beginning, but to me, they’re both destined to fail. They may each possess some intangibles, but they definitely don’t possess anything that Kobe, LeBron, and Melo are drinking.

Here is the list they will likely be joining within the next couple of years!

Andrea Bargnani – Toronto Raptors
Drafted: 2006 – 1st Overall

Just 2 years in after being drafted number one and he’s actually gotten worse. The numbers are down in the sophomore season at a ripe 10.2 points and 3.7 boards. His hair is pretty though!

Adam Morrison – Charlotte Bobcats
Drafted: 2006 – 3rd Overall

One season played, one season torn ACL. Unlike the guy taken two spots before him, he does NOT have such pretty hair and his game looks even uglier on the NBA level. One year and 11.8 points and 2.9 rebounds a game? Oof.

J.J. Redick – Orlando Magic
Drafted: 2006 – 11th Overall

Loving life in Orlando is this kid! Wait, he’s not loving… Practically cutting his scoring average in half this year down to 3.6 points per game is this former Dukie. That’s clutch!

Luke Jackson – Cleveland Cavaliers
Drafted: 2004 – 10th Overall

Wow, doesn’t even have him listed as a player in the NBA. Bust?

Robert Swift – Seattle Supersonics
Drafted: 2004 – 12th Overall

In 3 wonderful seasons, Mr. “Wha’ts with those tattoos?” has played a whopping 71 games averaging 4.6 pts/game to go with an astounding 4.0 rebounds. How many injuries has this kid had again?

Darko Milicic – Detroit Pistons
Drafted: 2003 – 2nd Overall

In his first 3 seasons after being drafted #2 overall behind the King, his averages were 1.4, 1.8, and 1.5 points per game. Still think passing up Carmelo Anthony was the right decision?

Mike Dunleavy – Golden State Warriors
Drafted: 2002 – 3rd Overall

Until this season, another complete Dukie white boy bust.

Chris Mihm – Chicago Bulls
Drafted: 2000 – 7th Overall

When are teams going to stop drafting the 7 foot white guy? Chris is the last on our least, but not less of a bust than the others! Being that tall and averaging 7.7 points and 5.4 rebounds on your career definitely lands you on this list.

So this is what you have to look forward to my young white apprentices. A life full of luxury and the luxury of underperforming. Have a great time Kevin and Tyler!


  1. I think a “bust” has to consider what the expecations for the player was. Some of the guys on this list really didn’t have HUGE expectations. Of all of them though I actually think Dunleavy is a bust. He was expected to be pretty good but not great and for the most part that is what he has been. Good but nothing special. This year as you said is definitely a break out game.

  2. I went bust with this group because they were all drafted in the lottery or top 14. If you are a lottery pick and you perform the way these fools have, I gotta call ’em a bust.

  3. For the most part I agree with you and am 100% sure Tyler will suck in the NBA, but Love is a different story. His playing style is totally different then the others on that list. He has a different skill set then the others.
    On Morrison it is to early and he got hurt – not his fault and he has proven that he can score in the NBA if healthy.

    Political Disgust @

  4. The type of game that both Love and Hansbrough play are physical fundamentals styles. They’re not flashy but they do what their position requires. For what they are, they are phenomenal. You don’t make the most free throws in ACC history and still not have the most attempts because your lucky. They’re aggressive interior players. Hans will more than likely have to improve even more on that mid range jumper he seemed to acquire late in the season but defensively and rebounding he grinds it out. As for Love, he was a man among boys in college physically. He’s got to muscle up more so to make it with the big boys in the League but he can hang. To try and put these guys on that list is a joke when you don’t even center around the type of player they are. You wanna take a white guy who looked like he might have been a bust and then became a force in the middle go and take Chris Kaman. He just happens to be in the top 10 in blocking along with another white boy in Andrew Bogut.

  5. Even though he wasn’t a top pick, I think you should throw in Josh McRoberts from Duke. He left school early and now he’s tearing it up for Portland (as he was recalled Monday from the NBDL’s Idaho):

    “McRoberts was averaging 7.7 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 2.5 assists for Idaho. He has appeared in five games for the Blazers this season, registering a grand total of ten points.”

  6. You are right on McRoberts. I just looked at the top 14 picks though. If I had gone deeper, this list would have been much loooooooooonger. 🙂

  7. How about Eric Montross? Or am I getting that old where people wouldn’t remember him? No Shawn Bradley on a “bust” or “white boy” list? You should be ashamed of yourself. Let’s toss in some “Big Country” Bryant Reeves while we’re at it. Could do this all day…

  8. How about Eric Montross? Or am I getting that old where people wouldn’t remember him? No Shawn Bradley on a “bust” or “white boy” list? You should be ashamed of yourself. Let’s toss in some “Big Country” Bryant Reeves while we’re at it. Could do this all day…

  9. Yeah I thought about those two, but they were pretty far back 😛

  10. terrible article. ever heard of pau gasol? mehmet okur? chris kaman? andris biedrins? david lee? andrew bogut? jose calderon? mike miller? or, since you’re into ignoring the performance of players this season, kirk hinrich?

    and while you’re talking about busts, how about shelden williams? patrick o’bryant? ike diogu? sebastian telfair? michael sweetney? marcus banks? dajuan wagner? jared jeffries? melvin ely? marcus haislip? kwame brown? rodney white? kedrick brown? darius miles? marcus fizer? dermarr johnson? jerome moiso? courtney alexander? all black lottery pick busts from 2000-2006.

    there are always going to be busts in every draft. you pick out the white ones like they’re destined. what exactly is the point of that? what about how sick chase budinger is going to be, or how badly marreese speights will flop?

  11. I think someone has a case of the “White Boy Busts” Blues.

  12. Somebody obviously doesn’t have a sense of humor or an understanding of the post. To actually post a rebuttal would be an absolute waste of time. Are you the same tool that wrote this comment at yardbarker? Oh! Looks like it is! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


  13. There just isn’t enough room in the NBA for the top 14 players each year to be “stars”. You have about 400 active players in the NBA. By virtue of limited minutes, only maybe 100 are going to put up solid numbers year after year. Really, you can only expect 7-10 new players per year that fit the bill, so about half of the top 14 are almost guaranteed to be busts.

  14. i can’t believe you left out Skita. Supposedly the next Nowiztki – became a career 30% shooter.

  15. hell he forgot eric montross and bryant big country reeves. what a ‘stache. seriously really tall white guys just prove to be unsuccessful. i’m actually glad to be 5’11”


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