NBA Article Reflecting: Episode 7

Article 1: Those Bulls, eliminated.

This is easily the most pathetic story of the entire NBA season don’t you think? Here is Ben Gordon after the game:

“They wanted it more and played a lot harder than we did,” guard Gordon said. “A lot of their guys are playing just to stay in the NBA, so they definitely had a higher level of intensity than we showed.”

You let a team, down 2 All-Stars and 4 regular rotation guys, beat you to eliminate you from the playoffs? They had more “intensity”? YOU WERE PLAYING TO KEEP YOUR PLAYOFF HOPES ALIVE. There is nothing more frustrating than this group of pre-Madonna’s wasting away all that talent. They may have had some coaching issues and few injuries this season, but come on, you are paid millions of dollars to do this and you all obviously could care less.

I hope Paxson wipes out the entire team and starts over fresh because these are all classless NBA acts.

Article 2: The Cavs winning that NBA Chip this year?

So this is a nice little article from an obvious Cavs honk and he makes no bones about his honkness. In fact I love honks at times because they open themselves up and don’t care what rebuttal some of us may have to their blinded remarks. I even agree mostly with what he has to say here that the Cavs were a sexy pick to possibly get back to the East Finals or the NBA Finals with LeBron even better than he was during last year’s improbable run.

One thing I do want to point out though is why is everyone always harping on all these players that keep coming and going and not anyone pointing a finger at Coach Mike Brown? I understand he has had a ton of winning seasons in a row and the team had a remarkable run into the NBA Finals last year, but that is pretty much where the almost-storybook ending, ended.

These teams never seem to, for lack of a better word, “gel” and each year during playoff time we have no idea what to make of the Cavs. This year is no different and I’m starting to wonder if Brown has hit his peak and maybe it’s time for some new blood to give LeBron that extra spark to raise him to ungodly territory?

Article 3: Mark Cuban to vote “NO” on the Seattle move!

Just when many of us had our doubts about the “coolness” of Mark Cuban, he comes out with this story and I absolutely love him again!

Every point he makes in this article I completely agree with. I may have a little Northwest bias since I live in Portland, but what is the NBA thinking with Oklahoma? I mean come on! It’s freakin’ Oklahoma! Going from the 14th largest TV market to the 45th should be all the reason you need to not move this franchise.

He also said this interesting tidbit:

Cuban said he would be against adding an expansion team because it dilutes further the pool of money each owner gets from revenue sharing.

I would like to also point out that the last thing fans want is another Memphis or Charlotte wasting our time.

Article 4: Joe Johnson and Kobe named Players of the Week.

When you win player of the week down the stretch of the NBA season and you are already considered the likely MVP, you probably just set that fact in stone. I can’t stand Kobe, but he really does deserve it.

Last night against the Blazers, he was the only bright spot on the entire Lakers team. Gasol and Odom were practically no where to be seen and the Blazers were stretching their lead when Kobe decided to go on his own 10 point run and make the game worth watching. There aren’t many players in the league that can do this night after night and for someone to be called each year, “the best in the game” by peers, fans and coaches it is an absolute shame that he has never won an MVP.

When our kids are looking at record books some time in the future, they should be seeing his name more than one time as an MVP awardee. Well, that is if he finally gets it this year.

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