NBA Article Reflecting: Episode 6

Article 1: The underclassmen headed to the NBA.

This article lists out the group of kids leaving college early to hopefully make those big ol’ millions in the NBA. He should be updating the list as more declare so you may want to bookmark this one to keep them all in your sights.

I’m actually not sure who many of these guys are. Like, who the hell is Lester Hudson from Tennessee-Martin? Robert Vaden from UAB? Some of these guys need to stop dreaming. Here is the list you need to know about:

-Eric Gordon
-Jerryd Bayless
-Brooke Lopez (maybe)

The rest…pfft.

Article 2: Supposed boring basketball in the NBA.

Here is another attempt at bashing the NBA while comparing it to the NHL. I’m not sure what kind of fan this writer is, but he is obviously blind or bitter or…I guess I probably shouldn’t say. He actually goes so far as to compare the NBA to curling. When I read articles like this, I actually laugh and then vomit. Why? Because this guy is actually getting paid to have this sort of absurd opinion that is not only discrediting to every other basketball blogger but he’s making a complete fool out of himself.

Oh lord, and it’s on the front page of that website.

I guess we could all use a good laugh from time to time, and this article provides that.

Article 3: Why leaving college early makes you a better pro.

Alando Tucker, another four year college graduate All-American to flop in the NBA. The argument that players become more “mature” and well-rounded by staying longer in college is absolute crap. Who are the best players in the NBA right now? (Kobe, LeBron, KG, T-Mac, and Chris Paul to name a few.) How many years in college do they have collectively? (One.) You could make the argument that staying longer in college is actually worse for a player’s growth.

By the time these kids graduate from high school, you should be able to tell if they are great, good, D-leaguer or nothing. You could send a kid to college, let him play 2 years against inferior competition, make the jump to the NBA and have him still not be “NBA ready.” Wouldn’t it be better to let him learn the NBA game for those 2 years rather then waste them away in college? Now, the kid has wasted 2 years in college and will still take another 2-3 in the NBA. Makes a lot of sense to me Stern! Requiring kids to go to college for longer than 1 year does nothing for the NBA. (Brandon Roy doesn’t come around very often.)

Article 4: Those poor Blazers.

This quick article spoke of the Blazers good fortunes against the Lakers in recent years when playing in Portland and at the Rose Garden. The sad thing, the Blazers lost this one and look to really be limping to the finish line. In fact, I think Jason Quick of the Oregonian wrote an article on that yesterday.

I feel bad for the team, but I still feel a buzz around the city because of the future that lies ahead. They may not finish over .500 like they had hoped for but the successes they’ve had this season make next year even more exciting to think about.

What’s funny in the article is Kobe’s excuse as to why they keep losing to the Blazers at home: “We always find ourselves coming here on the second night of a back-to-back and catch them when they’ve had a couple of days off and they’re just sitting here waiting for us. It’s been tough.”

He really is frickin’ annoying isn’t he?

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