NBA Article Reflecting: Episode 5

Article 1: NCAA and NBA team up for youth programs. Sorry AAU!

It is sort of interesting to think that the NBA and NCAA are teaming up to help the youth grow as basketball players in a more legit fashion than what, AAU ball? They are also looking at loosening the restrictions on college coaches and contacting players. I’m sure Kelvin Sampson loves this news after just being canned for it.

I’m all for growing youth hoops programs in hopes of creating USA world dominance in basketball again, but the thought of allowing pro and college coaches to contact these kids even more and be a large part of their lives at such a young age is a little disturbing. This article is also taking an indirect shot at AAU programs which have been a fixture for how many years now? Why won’t the NBA partner with established programs rather than use its heavy clout to bring a competitor into this market.

Of course growing up in Montana, I had zero opportunities like this. (Let me be a little bitter.)

Article 2: Kansas’ Stewart wants playing time with a broken knee cap?

This story hit home a little as I have vivid memories of Rodrick and Lodrick Stewart dominating the Seattle high school basketball scene for many years. When I saw the news that Rodrick had busted his knee cap the other day in practice before the Final Four, I was a little saddened. These two brothers were amazing to watch as high school kids and I was sure they’d be dominant at the college level. Neither really panned out, although Lodrick did have a solid career for USC.

So when I read that he is working Bill Self into allowing him a minute on the court, just to say he played in the Final Four I was all over the “Rodrick 4 President” bandwagon! I’m sure we could start some website dedicated to it, but the game is tonight and I do not have near enough energy for that.

Let him in Selfie!

Article 3: Oh my, Damon Jones.

Everything this guy does just cracks me the hell up! The “Black Brad Pitt”? The best shooter on the planet? This article is by far my favorite of the day.

I’ll always love the tale of a basketball player who was never given a chance to make it but continues to last even with doubters around every corner. You could say that Gilbert Arenas took a little page out of Damon’s book by holding grudges with all his doubters. (Damon’s had a book for years with clippings of people doubting his abilities.)

But what I truly love about him is that damn fashion sense. He rocked the Mohawk, he rocks the velour jackets, and he’s got smiles for miles. If you ever needed proof that NBA players love life to the fullest, he would be your poster boy. He almost comes off as a Hugh Hefner of ballers, but the guy is married and has a 3 year old daughter!

My favorite quote from the article:

“You can hang on my style, but you’ll never have my personality,” he says. “That’s not a problem.”

(Hi Carolyn!)

Article 4: NBA adding to that age limit thing…

Part 1: Sportz Assassin with a horrible argument for it.

Here is my take. As a fan, I would love to see these kids stay longer in college to make the game more exciting and give us amazing Final Fours and regular seasons forever. Ok, but here is the problem, as a fan I shouldn’t be able to control some kid’s life! If an 18 or 19 year old has an opportunity to make millions of dollars, what gives anyone the right to say “no” to that? Is there a possibly that they’ll flop? Of course there is, but that is simply the fault of the NBA for drafting them and hyping them up.

And I’m sure there is the argument that it “ruins the game.” Well not really. Someone tell me how Sebastian Telfair or Jonathon Bender is ruining the game? They are still in the league aren’t they? Take the fan out of you’re a&% for a second and think about the players for a minute.

I keep hearing it is “not a right” to play in the NBA, but it is also not a right to tell someone they HAVE to go to college and pass up 2 years worth of money making opportunity. Not everyone on this planet wants to go to college, nor should they have to. “OH, well they should go play in the CBA or Europe then!” Are you f-ing kidding me with that argument? It sounds to me like certain bloggers need to be forced back into college for a couple of years.

Part 2: Tom Ziller shooting down his colleague’s remarks. (thank you)

This basically covers the real news conference that is planned along with many other logistics to the age limit. (And is intelligent.)

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