NBA Article Reflecting: Episode 4

Article 1: Eric Gordon to the NBA a surprise?

After reading this article about Eric Gordon, I sort of feel sorry for Indiana fans. Those are words I’m not sure come out of many basketball fans’ mouths, but after what this program has been through in the last year, how can you not?

Gordon was looked at as some sort of savior even though fans knew he would only be there for such a short time. He was brilliant early on in the season but faded late with what is now being reported as a broken wrist. He and DJ White together were going to take this team back to the national stage and hopefully play for a title. And then all hell broke loose…again.

It is sort of like the quote we hear now with the resurgence of the Celtics, “The NBA is just better when Boston is good.” For me and I’m sure many others, college basketball is just better when Indiana is good. We had it for half a season this year and then the invention of the century known as the cell phone crept its way into the hand of one fidgety fingered coach.

Article 2: Montgomery headed to Cal (Whoo hoo!)

Former Stanford and Golden State Warriors coach Mike Montgomery is headed to Cal to take over as head coach! (I really do love this hire.) Why you ask? For one, I’m from Montana and Mike coached at the University of Montana which is where I received that fancy little degree of mine. So I have some school ties to him and if you know anyone from Montana, we sort of obsess over anything good that comes out of the state.

The second thing is that I absolutely hate Stanford. They are the Duke of the west coast for me if that helps explain it. They pump out token white boys and obnoxious gelled-haired rich kids at almost the same pace as those freakin’ Blue Devils. Plus, Trent Johnson is the biggest prick coach this side of wherever Bobby Knight is hanging out and I’m glad Montey is running to his rival to take him down! Can’t you just see Trent right now with that awkward scowl of his? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the guy smile even when he found out one of his lady-like 7 footers was dating Michelle Wie.

Not being a huge Cal fan this will be sort of awkward, but who doesn’t like feeling a little squeamish from time to time?

Article 3: Leaving the NBA early, what a choice.

This is a great article from USA today documenting the life of college kids leaving early or staying in the NBA and how they feel about it now that the Final Four is around and some of their respective NBA seasons are coming to an end.

I can imagine it would be difficult to go from the superstar in high school, to a superstar in college, then on to a bench warmer in the NBA. These kids are pampered from the 6th grade on and once they get in the NBA, that all goes away. Coaches stop caring so much and every situation is less personal than they are used to. Most of these kids still need a father figure at a ripe age of what, 19 or 20? In college, they still have a hand to hold and various people and friends looking to take care of their every need.

The article talks to Julian and Brandan Wright who both left for the NBA in last year’s draft. If they had stayed, they would be dueling Saturday night in the Final Four. I wonder how that feels?

Article 4: Stephen “Jack-O” Jackson receives a community award?

The best article of the day but possibly the most…disturbing? The NBA handed Jackson the NBA’s Community Assist Award for March for all of the work he has done in the community around Oakland. Jackson said there is one thing he loves to do and that is be involved in the community. According to the article, he has done a ton of work and raised thousands of dollars to help out youth of the city and even broke ground on a new community basketball court.

What I found interesting was the speech he made about his childhood and the violence he grew up with. Isn’t this the guy that just got the tattoo of the hands holding a gun before a cross? It sure is!

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