NBA Article Reflecting: Episode 3

Article 1: Q and A with Miami Heat guard, Daequan Cook.

This was a nice read especially since my initial thoughts on Cook were not good. I know this is just a printed interview, but I feel pretty good about this kid now. He looks to Shaq like a big brother and genuinely seems to be working hard to make it in the NBA. It was nice to read a second article in two days about a kid who left college early and is already planning on taking some summer courses during the off season.

One interesting note from the interview was the thought of him turning 21 this month. How the hell does that work? He graduated high school, played one year of college and now is just finishing up a year in the NBA. Let’s work this out: he turned 18 graduating high school, turned 19 in college and should be turning 20 this year, right? He was obviously one of those kids that had an extra year on everyone. You know, that kid that’s parents held him back to be better than his class in sports. That idea always made me laugh seeing as age has nothing to do with it once you hit that 18-19 range.

Article 2: The NBA changing the timing of its MVP award?

This will be an argument for centuries to come won’t it? Many intelligent people feel the MVP award should be given after the playoffs while many other imbeciles seem to think it should remain the same.

Those idiots fans against changing it to an end of the year award keep wanting to call it a “regular season” award. Well as I’ve always said and this article points out, there is not a notation anywhere around the award that claims it as a “regular season” award. Dirk Nowitzki took the award last year when his team wasn’t even in the playoffs. Anyone remember how awkward that was? The MVP award should consider SOME playoff exposure.

This guy argues that LeBron deserved the award for taking his team to the Finals; that to me is putting a little too much weight on playoff performance. Steve Nash had a better year last year than he did the previous 2 years in which he had won MVP’s and easily deserved his third.

The NBA needs to find a balance and please, never allow another awkward MVP moment we were all forced into last year with ‘chokemaster’ Dirk.

Article 3: Jason Kidd not clicking in Dallas.

“TV commentators are paid to comment, not to know what they are talking about.”

That was Mark Cuban’s response to Mark Jackson’s trashing of the Jason Kidd trade. I love Cubes, but this trade just isn’t working is it? When you really think about the Dallas Mavericks though, did it make sense to just sit tight and not make a move?

Dallas had hit a peak as a team and pursuing a hall-of-famer is never a bad choice especially when you are looking to break up the mold. When you take the other trades around the league, the only mega deal that actually jumped off to a great start was the Gasol trade to the Lakers. The Suns started rocky, and the Cavaliers have been practically the same team since acquiring Wallace and some other scrubs. I would say to give Dallas and Kidd some time to gel, but with just 8 games remaining, time is something they certainly do not have. Go Warriors!

Article 4: Garnett, more than just a great player.

This is the article of the day for sure. I remember the day Garnett came out of high school and into the NBA. There were so many criticisms about his weight, intelligence and who knows what else. There were rumors about his SAT scores being so bad that he couldn’t get accepted into college!

Sure enough, he turned into a hall of fame caliber player whose stake on the game will never go away. It’s too bad he spent so many years wallowing away in Minnesota when all he needed was to be paired with one other great player. The Celtics will likely win the east after an epic battle with the Pistons, and are the first team in years I feel confident enough in to challenge the top dogs out west.

Garnett has returned basketball pride back to the city of Boston. Sure, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are both fantastic players, but they just don’t possess that extra “something” that KG brings every night.

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