NBA Article Reflecting: Episode 2

Article 1: Kevin Durant and Jeff Green headed back to school?

The Seattle Times reported today that Jeff Green and Kevin Durant will head back to school…in the off season.

I actually think this is a pretty impressive move by these two youngsters. We heard about Shaq and Vince Carter returning to receive their degrees but that was after years of playing in the NBA. Green is 24 credits shy of receiving his and could have a degree in Business or Sociology within a couple years. Durant on the other hand only attended one year and will likely take much longer at his “2 classes a summer” pace.

These are good signs for the young wave of players heading into the NBA. Let’s hope that others will follow and start to set a standard for players leaving college early. There is no downside to a young kid furthering an education and growing mentally as he is handed millions of dollars. Darius Miles sure could have used a few more ethics classes couldn’t he?

On a side note, the two admit to missing school a little and the whole atmosphere it brings. Personally, I was not the biggest fan of college and couldn’t wait to be through so that I could get on with my damn life! I do have to give credit to my degree for landing me jobs that I definitely would not have seen without it. Thanks degree!

Article 2: The history of the shot clock.

Can you imagine NBA life without a shot clock? The Spurs are boring enough aren’t they? The shot clock issue was revisited after the Miami Heat set the modern era low with 17 field goals the other night. (EEK!)

This article talks about the shot clock’s first year in which the average point total for a team rose 1000 points. (Last year’s average was 8097 points) That is pretty amazing actually. And I’m also pretty sure the league would have failed had someone not invented it.

Where would I be without basketball!? Definitely not watching opening day of baseball! Someone please find something less entertaining than the opening day of a sport that plays 162 games.

Article 3: British national team asks for Ben Gordon and Luol Deng.

The Brits are making a play for the 2012 Olympic Games? That’s right peeps! Ben Gordon and Luol Deng are technically eligible to play for the team and the British basketball head honchos are seeing what they can do to snatch ‘em up.

The team announced 33 players they would like to see play in the upcoming Eurobasket qualifiers. Deng has actually played with the squad in the past; now let’s just see if he can convince his Chicago teammate to do the same.

It is sort of interesting thinking about the British basketball team making a run at the Olympics. Are the Brits good at any sport? That is not a joke either; I am truly stumped at their athletic prowess. Someone give me a sport that they can compete in on a global level!

Article 4: Tyler Hansbrough and his lovers.

I don’t appreciate him for what he is and I probably never will. He may have a huge heart and he may work harder that just about any other basketball player on the planet, but I’m just not buying it. This article asks that we judge him for what he is now and now what he will be. Sorry! Not going to happen here!

I’m an NBA fan and if you aren’t “translating well” then I could care less. I probably sound like a basketball snob right now, but to me that is better than being a basketball purest. The NBA depends on big time young talent to keep going and players like Hansbrough turn into Mark Madsen-esque role players that drive me insane while contributing nothing to the league.

Let’s all hope he stays for his senior year and breaks all kinds of Carolina records so that he won’t be completely forgotten once he enters the draft.

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