NBA All-Star Starters Announced!

The 2008 NBA All-Star game starters have been announced! Any surprises? Not really. However, there is one spot still open, the coach of the West All-Stars!

The West:

The East:

We may not have any surprises but we definitely have our disappointments which is not unlike any other year. The east team looks to be just about right except for maybe Wade. He’s had a decent year, but his team is so pathetic that the Heat should be banned from any All-Star activities. If you asked me to find a replacement for him at starting guard though, I can’t say there is one one out there that just roles off of my tongue.

KG, Lebron and Howard are all MVP candidates and will have spots on this starting team until they retire. And Jason Kidd is the best point guard out east and has been doing it for so long that no one can take his spot. The man keeps aging, and also keeps getting better.

The west on the other hand has some issues and you can argue it all over the board. Allen Iverson should not be an All-Star starter. I’m so sick of the infatuation with a guy that shoots the ball 30 times a night, has never been a leader on any team, and is still pulling his “look I’m carrying the ball” cross-over. Fans just disappoint me for loving his “we’re talkin’ ’bout practice” attitude and selfish in-game performances. Steve Nash or Chris Paul deserve that spot for leading their teams year in and year out into uncharted territory. Both are MVP candidates and both put up better numbers while grabbing more respect around the league.

The forwards out west are a difficult decision although the fans got it right. I think both Melo and Duncan are deserving of spots but you could make your case for Josh Howard, Dirk Nowitzki and Carlos Boozer. At center, Yao-zer is the correct choice and could have been challenged by Stoudemire, but the west tends to lack big time centers.

And of course Kobe should be an All-Star until he dies.

And what about those reserves? We’ll just have to wait and see, but you know that will create some good blogging!


  1. Woooo KG! No big surprises there. KG in the All-Star Game and the C’s so confident about their playoff shot that they’reselling tickets already. I took my chance and scored a preorder on Celts playoff tickets. Now all they have to do is make it, which I don’t forsee as a problem.

    Go C’s!

  2. too bad CP3 is not gonna start. he is playing at a very high level this season, i think better than ai.

    oh well, at least he’s gonna make it as a reserve. that i can count on. 😀


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