NBA All-Star Game: All About the Shoes!

As a kid growing up watching the NBA All-Star game, one of my favorite things was always to see which shoes would be showcased by the stars that year. Michael Jordan always had a fresh color scheme on his current Air Jordan and Shaq even brought out the cell phone shoe one year.

This year could be one of the best All-Star shoe showcases ever with some very significant shoe lines out. This year marks the release of the Air Jordan 23 and the 100th anniversary of Converse. The biggest hit will obviously be the Jordan’s with this possibly being the last year ever for the Air Jordan and with a very limited supply released to the public. Carmelo Anthony will be wearing a special color scheme known as the ‘Air Jordan 23 All-Star’ that should get all those Air Jordan collectors a little too happy.

And don’t forget about Yao Ming! He’ll even have on a signature pair of his Reebok ATR Elite II’s and are rumored to feature a dragon. Dwyane Wade will also have a new shoe out with the release of the WADE 3 by Converse.

“The WADE 3 was designed around the No. 3 being significant in my life,” Wade said. “It carries into this weekend with this being my third year in a row to be named an all-star starter.”

Here is a look at the 2005 All-Star game shoes just to give you an idea of what to expect. Some 2006 versions and more from Here was the 2007 Adidas All-Star lineup.

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