My First Love – Allen Iverson

Doing my daily reading I came across a post on blacksportsonline about my first love. I’m originally a Philly boy before re’lo’n to the land of LA and the Black Mamba. This is something that Kobe and I share – our humble beginnings in Philly.

Allen Iverson is in Turkey. The rumors of his infidelity, divorce, gambling excess, and money woes are out for the public to see. Why else would AI agree to playing in Turkey for 2 years and 4 million?  Robert Huber from Philadelphia Magazine wrote a FANTASTIC piece about Allen. Robert reminded me  EXACTLY why I fell in love with AI. He described in GREAT detail the pros and cons of Allen Iverson’s existence.

Allen’s survivor instinct caused his fall from the NBA (as the piece elludes). It is also the reason he was great. I wish more players had Allen’s fearlessness, drive, and desire. Players like Tyreke Evans and Brandon Roy need to learn from him. When “plantar fasciitis” is a reason to end a season you know NBA players have gotten soft….cough, cough- Tyreke? Brandon Roy’s “issue” is more career threatening…..or is it? Ever hear of no pain, no gain?

I remember one series in particular where AI was injured in almost every joint. It was against the Milwaukee Bucks and the original big 3 – Sam Cassell, Ray Allen, and Glen Robinson. AI had no business playing in that series he was so banged up. He found a way to play and found a way to perform. AI left it all on the floor. He may not have practiced but he balled and balled until he couldn’t start no more.

I hope that this article is true and that AI is on the mend. That he and his family have rekindled. I hope that AI helps to bring basketball to the forefront in Turkey. Allen claims he is at peace with the end of his NBA career. Maybe going over to Europe has created an AI 2.0. Hopefully, he can cash in on his name and squeeze 5 more years out of Europe. This should bring him out of his self created financial crisis. Allen is what is great about America. You can come from NOTHING and become SOMETHING if you believe and give it all ya got while getting a few breaks along the way….


  1. Never really liked AI but I do agree that the NBA is getting soft AI had a edge that the NBA needed despite his personal demons (which I could care less about).

  2. Linda you are spot on… The NBA is soft. Players with personality with an edge are fading… there ain’t much left…now its all the pretty boys lebron, kobe, and wade….

  3. I was and still continue to be an AI fan…I love the piece by Robert Huber and like you I also hope that there is some truth to it…And I agree with Linda about NBA soft players, however , sports in general have become soft…

  4. true that….most professional atheletes are bitches these days!


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