Mr. Triple Double, Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd recorded his 3rd straight triple double tonight bringing his career total up to 97 while becoming only the second player in the last 11 seasons to do so. Grant Hill was last the player to put up 3 straight back during his dominant years with the Detroit Pistons.

Kidd ranks third on the all-time triple double list; now trailing Earv Johnson by 41. I doubt he’ll reach Magic’s number, but if he keeps up his current pace, he could reach it within the next 3 years. I think we all appreciate how great of a player Jason Kidd has become, but without that championship ring, we tend to push him aside when discussing the greatest point guards of all time, and that is truly a sad thing.

Here is a fantastic link breaking down every single J-Kidd triple double. At least realizes it went a little overboard, but we love it!

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