Mr. “Rickets” Done for the Year – PART DEUX

Greg Oden is done for the year……yet again! NY Vinnie dubbed him “Mr Rickets” a while back. In honor of Vinnie I figured I would continue the tradition. Vinnie will be back I promise. I’m hoping sooner than later because I’m a bootleg fill-in. I guess even bloggers are due for extended vaca time.

Oden is having microfracture surgery on his left knee. Of course this isn’t the same knee he already had surgery on. The odds of him coming back and being successful are ZeRO in kobeofthenba’s mind. Oden is STEALING more money then I could ever win in blackjack. I bet the Blazers are thanking their lucky stars they traded for Camby last year. I also bet they wish they could turn back time and draft Kevin Durant instead with that #1 pick!

Lets break down Oden’s injury history- 1) microfracture surgery on right knee, 2) surgery on fractured left patella, and 3) microfracture surgery on his left knee. He missed his entire rookie season due to the first surgery and has only played 82 games in HIS ENTIRE CAREER. He is making 6.7 million this year. In this type of economy that makes me want to vomit. To make matters worse?! Portland claims that they are going to tender him a 8.8 million dollar contract next year.

I realize he is only 22 years old and IF (a big IF) his body ever gets healthy he could be a valuable player. When do you say playing basketball at 7 ft and 258 lbs may not be possible? I hate to say it but I HAVE SERIOUS doubts as to whether Oden will be able to continue his NBA career.

Portland’s window is closing before it even opened. They are well coached by the disciplinarian Nate McMillan but his players are falling like flies. The Oden situation is only the latest injury drama. Brandon Roy is also failing.

 Brandon Roy is the bigger concern since he is Portland’s franchise player. Here at lebasketbawl we slammed Roy for his “needing to cut down on minutes crap.” Chuck Barkley stepped up  and defended Roy tonight on TNT. He stated that Roy coming back for the playoffs after having surgery 8 days earlier was a mistake. He implied that his “issues” now may be due to that. Ernie chimes in and says that Roy’s knees are bone on bone and that is why he needed 3 games off in a row. Chuck had the best line saying he is gonna feel great sitting but its gonna hurt when ya play ball.

Bottom line—– Brandon Roy’s career is tittering on the edge of a cliff and Portland’s fate is tied with it. Good Luck Portland I think ya f’d! You may remain competitive thanks to a good point in an aging Andre Miller and a blossoming Aldridge at the PF position but THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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