Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Mountain Dew® is proud to introduce Game Fuel, two limited-time-only flavors inspired by the hit video game World of Warcraft.

Choose Your Side with Alliance Blue (Mountain Dew® with a punch of wild fruit flavor), or Horde Red (Mountain Dew® with a blast of citrus cherry flavor).

Visit HTTP://WARCRAFT.COM/DEW to register for your chance win great gaming prizes every 15 minutes, including Alienware notebooks, Razer peripherals and World of Warcraft gear.

Only from Mountain Dew® Game Fuel™, get a free 14-day-trial of World of Warcraft, or an in-game battlebot pet.


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  1. I just tried the Wild Fruit, and it totally rocks! Tastes like a blue Icee. 🙂


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