More Testicular Cancer in Basketball? just reported that senior guard for the Tennessee Volunteers, Chris Lofton, had testicular cancer in 2007. The cancer was found when Lofton was randomly picked for a drug test following a Sweet 16 loss to Ohio State. Talk about the only time you’ve heard a random drug test being a positive thing, huh?

This is the second time this year we’ve heard of basketball players coming up with testicular cancer at such an early age. Nene of the Nuggets was diagnosed with the same thing and had a tumor removed just this past season. Fortunately the surgery went fine and he even returned to play some minutes down the stretch as the Nuggets made their late season push into the playoffs.

Should we start to worry about this as a recurring issue with young basketball players? I really hope that isn’t the case but if this trend keeps up, someone may want to start doing some research.

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